My Summer of 2016 at IndiaMART

Working as an intern at IndiaMART has perhaps, been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Initially I thought of IndiaMART as some boring or dull company, but once I entered the office, my viewpoint completely changed. IndiaMART has one of the coolest offices in the industry. It is colorful, boisterous and the work environment is very lively and vibrant.

I believe you can gain maximum benefit from people’s experience and knowledge when they are the most approachable and patient while guiding you in your work and I was fortunate enough to have such guides during my brief tenure at IndiaMART.

On my first day of joining itself, I was treated as an active member of IndiaMART which made me give my best performance every time I undertook a task. I was introduced to my team and got a very warm welcome from the entire department. Everything was new for me and hence I could feel myself “on pins and needles”. I was very nervous, but at the same time, I was very excited as it was my first industrial internship. All my apprehensions regarding my work profile and how I’ll manage things came to an end when I met my mentor who was not only kind and knowledgeable but also knew how to teach a trainee the nuances of internship program which I have experienced for the first time.


I have learnt ample of things from IndiaMART. Today, I see myself as a completely changed person. IndiaMART not only gave me the much needed reality check to face and understand the industry competition but also gave me some really good friends and teachers that I will cherish for an entire lifetime. The industry exposure that I received during my internship will always be valuable guide for me in the future. The working environment at the company was that of encouragement, warmth, innovation and synergy. These qualities make IndiaMART a stand apart.

The amount of dedication and professionalism I saw in the employees working for the company motivated me even more to work hard in life. During the eight weeks that I was at IndiaMART, I also understood the mindset and functioning of the corporate world.

I can write a pamphlet, wait, maybe a novella about this. But let me use a pun to describe this: I feel I belong to the team.

Most of the things I have bragged about above? Courtesy of ideas and wisdom from some of the best mentors, guides, teammates, I have.

IndiaMART has surely played a pivotal role in my life!

About Srishti Manak

Srishti Manak worked as the Public Relations Intern at IndiaMART from June’16 – July’16. She is a student of B.A.  Journalism (Hons.), Delhi University.


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