Sahil SharmaI am constantly learning
My journey with IndiaMART is now 20 months plus. iLead programme opened various gates for me to up-skill myself in required competencies and behaviour. Today I understand that with
constant and consistent attitude of learning gives you eagle wings. Once you have wings, nothing can stop you from flying.
Sahil Sharma, Manager – Human Resource

iLEAD – Management Development Programs

In consultation with employees, the programme focuses on those skills which are recognized as important for their personal and professional development in order to excel in their current roles. Thus the MDP’s are important L&D tool and help people in enhancing skills required in their current or future roles.

We are in constant search of employees who can adapt to change, are effective in operating in multidisciplinary teams, have confidence in presenting and have well-developed interpersonal skills. Our MDP develops these skills and in employees building upon their past work experience and academic knowledge.