Rewards and Recognition

Mayank Baluni

I have the best exposure

I remember the time when I got my first certificate for scoring maximum marks in college. IndiaMART has given me the best exposure on working with several industries and their clients.

This has contributed to my achievement in winning Employee of the Year award. Another milestone, another story to tell.
Mayank Baluni, Quality Control

When was the last time someone gave you a pat on your back and said “Hey Buddy! You are doing great?”. Knowing that you are doing a good job, makes you feel good about yourself.

We @ IndiaMART not only motivate people to work well, but also duly recognize the work well done. We have the following awards for recognizing the hard work people put in:

Achiever’s Take Off Emerging Star Employee Of The Month
Employee Of The Year Best Performer Pillar Of Success

We also have Spot Appreciation & functional R&R programme which is an attempt to convey that we value and recognize the work our employees put in to make us what we are today.

All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy, we know this and we stand by it. So, we also organise various international and national trips for our outstanding performers.

Here’s a sneak peak in some of our most awesome trips:

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