Employee Speaks

Jinny Ashok Achtani

Jinny Ashok AchtaniDate Of Joining – 0ct 2008
Designation at time of Joining – ASM
Current Designation – Zonal Manager

I am fortunate that I have been given a chance to work in IndiaMART. The company has given lot of exposure to me and helped me grow as a professional. Thanks to all my mentors who have supported me in this journey.


Raj Kamal Sharma

Rajkamal SharmaDate Of Joining – Mar 2004
Designation at time of Joining – Executive
Current Designation – Asst. Vice President

At IndiaMART, I have found a fast-paced environment. I enjoy being at a company that has continued to grow and expand its reach every year that I’ve been here.
IndiaMART provides a great environment that challenges me to be the best I can be. It has allowed me to grow at an unbelievable rate by empowering me to take on challenges and has helped me succeed by fostering an open environment, providing great mentorship and an amazing team.


Rahul Sharma

Rahul SharmaDate Of Joining – November 2006
Designation at time of Joining – Executive
Current Designation – Sr. Manager

I am a proud IndiaMARTian for around 11 years and these 11 years are the golden years of my professional life. The best part of being part of this company is that it not only offers opportunities for those who have talent and wish to grow professionally, but also facilitates such efforts. The journey so far has given me exposure to all facets of my area of expertise, confidence to explore higher levels of achievement and the ability to accomplish professional excellence. I came in IndiaMART as a sapling and I thank all my seniors and IndiaMART to nurture me into a strong tree having branches of knowledge and roots of experience. Once again thank you all.


Pankaj Verma

Pankaj VermaDate Of Joining – May 2001
Designation at time of Joining – Executive – Network Marketing
Current Designation – Vice President

It has always been great working with IndiaMART.com, rather I would say, I enjoyed & treasured “The Journey of growth and success”. And the most valuable part is the opportunities I have been given here and the competitive environment helping to contour ourselves and getting better equipped with dynamics of business demands. In McD’s way; “I’ M LOVIN’ IT”.


Shashi Narain

Shashi NarainDate Of Joining – December 1998
Designation at time of Joining – Manager
Current Designation – Asst. Vice President

I have been associated with IndiaMART.com since 1998 and all the moments I have lived here have been memorable. I have been given the opportunities to grow with the rising industry expectations and have worked in multiple roles. The best part over here is that your efforts and talent always get recognized in the company and encouraged by all. One thing I always appreciate about this job is that I never feel tired because you always have something new and challenging to do. Whatever new challenges I have to face, I always know that I have access to a large pool of willing colleagues ready to lend advice, share knowledge, and help me perform at my preeminent.


Harsh Vardhan Masta

harshmastaDate of Joining – Jan 2008
Designation at the time of Joining – Software Engineer
Current Designation – Sr. Product Manager

 In the last nine years of my journey with IndiaMART, I have been a part of various projects which has helped me to explore new opportunities and acquire new skills. Currently, I am a part of the online payments department of IndiaMART. IndiaMART has given me the freedom to experiment and do what I love. There is no dearth of opportunities and learning at IndiaMART and this is what keeps me going.


Deepti Gupta

Deepti GoelDate Of Joining – September 2005
Designation at time of Joining – Executive
Current Designation – Manager – Customer Care

My career journey in IndiaMART.com has been very fantastic. I enjoy every moment working here and its the best place to work. Not only I have got growth but have been rewarded as well at times. This is not an end and I have a long way to go in IndiaMART.com. I also get support from my colleagues and my managers whenever required which always helps me in my tasks and meeting client requirements. I love the place where I am today and will be there for many years.