Ketan Agarbatti – Spreading the scent of Victory!

Today anyone who has gone on the internet and typed “agarbatti”, knows about Ketan Agarbatti

Sachin Gupta, Co-Owner,
Ketan Agarbatti
Ahmedabad, 07th April, 2015

“An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it.” And that is what can be seen in the successful venture run by this father-son duo, Mr. Jagdish Gupta and Mr. Sachin Gupta.

How it all started

Established in 1972, “Ketan Agarbatti” is the leading manufacturer of raw incense sticks. It has seen great success in the last few years, increasing its turnover from Rs 30 lacs to a mammoth Rs 8 crores, in a span of just three years.

“We have 4 godowns within 1 km of Ketan Agarbatti’s factory facility” says Mr. Sachin Gupta, Co-owner, Ketan Aggarbatti, who further adds that they have 65 units producing raw incense which are then traded in the market .

Their Business ideology

As an entrepreneur, you are the Chief Salesperson. Creating a sense of demand is important, rather than waiting to have demand. But, this father-son duo had other plans. Associated with IndiaMART since 2 years, they preferred to advertise only through IndiaMART, which is why they never felt the need for a hiring a salesman for their business.

“In a month, we get two to four conversions on enquiries through IndiaMART. The flow of work and marketing has improved tremendously”. The company increased its turnover twofold since its association with IndiaMART.

A peek into the future

“IndiaMART has increased my company’s visibility on the internet, so much, that anyone can know now, who is Ketan Agarbatti” says Mr. Sachin Gupta. His father, Mr Jagdish Gupta, adds, “We are getting into new markets and our sales are constantly increasing”. The website has opened new horizons for them, with the company receiving around 50 enquiries per day from IndiaMART, along with several export enquiries.

Giving his mantra for success, Mr Sachin Gupta says “To become successful, one needs to put in hard work, along with having a good luck. And I am sure I would be 100% successful, as both these things are with me”.