Celebrating 19 years of Commitment

“The work of today is the history of tomorrow”
—- Unknown
…and so IndiaMART has created a history of 19 years, with its persistence for excellence.

Everything was set, life was going easy for Dinesh Agarwal who was doing well in his career, minting dollars in U.S in the early 90’s. Life was a cakewalk, but that was not his idea of leading a life. For a person who constantly sought new challenges and had larger than life aspirations, the cubical in CDOT could not contain him. Well, it was this determination which actually laid the foundation for IndiaMART, India’s largest online marketplace today, founded on April 1, 1996.

Dinesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO, IndiaMART
Dinesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO, IndiaMART

The journey ever since, has been an exciting one. With the rapid advancement in technology and consumer behavior, the marketplace kept evolving each year, with an aim to best suit the consumers’ changing needs at all times. It feels good, when one looks back. But, this is not at all the end. It is just a beginning! (picture abhi baaki hai mere dost)

Dinesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO, IndiaMART
Dinesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO, IndiaMART

When the whole world was cracking jokes and playing pranks, IndiaMART was celebrating its 19th Founder’s day on 1st April 2015.
The day began with an auspicious Puja ceremony and a biiigggg surprise for everyone. We at IndiaMART love to pamper our employees, as we believe that “a happy employee is a productive employee”, and so our employees enjoyed a grand lunch sponsored by IndiaMART on the occasion. The enthusiasm of the IndiaMARTians and their proactive participation in the Founder’s day treat took the celebrations to a great level.
Ahh…ha…what a break!!!

Walking the path alone perhaps, might not have been possible. This is where the large number of employees and customers come into picture, where they truly acted as strong pillars, supporting the growth of the organization and making this journey a whole lot easier. A big thanks to all for lending the zeal to relentlessly strive for brilliance, kyunki “Kaam Yahin Banta Hai”!

Entering the 20th year now, it is time to see what ‘BIG’ things are in store. It is also the time to gear up for the next innings of the 20:20 match!

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