It’s Harvest 2015. And we are Reaping…

Tim lakh lakh, tey tim lakh lakh…

If that rings a bell, you seem to be familiar with the significance the occasion carries . And even if it doesn’t, do continue to read on!
Vaisakhi, or better known as Baisakhi in many regions, is a festival enthusiastically celebrated in Punjab. But given the fact that India is a vastly diverse country, it is celebrated all over the nation by people from all walks of life.

Punjabis regard Baisakhi not only as a harvest festival but also as the Punjabi New Year. This festival marks the time for harvest of rabi crops (like rice, maize, etc) and they celebrate the day by performing joyful bhangra and gidda dance.

As the festival embarks a new year for them, people are usually seen dancing to the beats of dhol and celebrating success.

The situation seems quite similar to IndiaMART! The platform acts similar to the way a farmer does, as he catalyses the growth of the crops with his blood and sweat. Seems absurd isn’t it?

Let’s have a brief insight into this.

It starts with the farmer sowing the seeds. With constant nurturing and care, he fosters the growth of his crops. And when they bear the desired results, the farmer celebrates its harvest.

If we observe closely,isn’t the farmer carrying an uncanny resemblance to our company that joins hands with different companies to foster sale of their products?

Lets picturise it this way.
The companies(seeds) are under constant care as they are promoted aggressively to evoke a consumer interest in them, thereby facilitating growth.

The sales of their products act as the water that further hikes the companies profits(crop bearings) and generates revenues in the market. Its in the end, that the farmer and the crop both Sellibrate the success and engage in a long term relationship.

If that is the case, then yes, IndiaMART is the biggest farm India has with the largest variety of crops catering to the largest market in the world. With over 17 lakh suppliers and 3.5 crore buyers, this place is hazard proof and constantly evolving with endless possibilities.

An ode to constant success and endless Sell-ibrations, IndiaMART wishes you a Happy Baisakhi!

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