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A daily update on computing & internet Site rates Rediff, Expressindia as the best

NEW DELHI, June 20:, which was listed in the Nasdaq last week, has been adjudged the best Indian website by an independent site that ranks Indian websites.
According to the ranking of various Indian websites carried out on the basis of time taken for loading of website, contents on site, design of the page, browser compatibility etc,, which was online since February 1997, has got the best index of 3.22. Rediff is followed by and, while and are at the fourth and fifth spot respectively. Rediff and Expressindia are the sites to get the best ranking index among the top 50 sites, Simarprit Singh, managing director of `’, told PTI. He said was in talks with some industry bodies and agencies for a tie-up to market the concept of ranking Indian sites and would be releasing monthly rankings for the benefit of Indian dotcom industry. Among the B2B sites, was found to be the best site with an overall ranking of seven and an index points of 14.75, while India-today and Economic Times was on the top among the exclusive news portals, but with an overall ranking of eight and nine respectively. Among the content sites, was at the top with an overall ranking of six and was found to be the best Indian Sports site.