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PC WorldLooking for an exporter or importer or a dealer of Indian goods? It could be pottery, brass, batik, paintings or anything else. Here’s a site where you search might find a successful conclusion. It contains a searchable database of over 60,000 companies. Read More

Travels off the beaten track

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Sites on the Net that help you zoom in on new holiday destinations

For Travel buffs who are in search of places which are yet to be discovered by the masses, check out allindia technologies for a holiday with a difference. The section titled off the beaten track lists about 40 -odd destinations which are not your regular tourist stuff. Each place is depicted by a photograph and just a click gives you the required information.
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Going places with the Internet

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Northern Region

An alphabetical reference of IT companies in the Northern region.

Intel Communication & Marketing India Ltd.
TURNOVER 97-98 (Rs Lakh): 206.70
MANAGING DIRECTOR: Santosh Mangal * PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: Systems, Peripherals, Accessories * AGENCY OPERATIONS: Compaq, Daewoo, HP, Lipi, InterNIC USA * START-UP YEAR: 1995 * EMPLOYEES: 55 * ADDRESS: F-25, Lajpat Nagar I, New Delhi 110024 * TEL: 6922333, 6922111 Read More The stage was set for a major change

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With the vision of connecting businesses with the fastest communication medium of the day, Dinesh Agarwal, a computer software engineer from Madhu Vihar, set up the first company in India to provide directory services for exporters and importers on the Internet.
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Going places with the Internet

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Going places with the Internet

Vijay Prasad M. R.

When the Internet user base in the country is on the rise, India- related content on the Net also seems to be growing. Indicative of this is the exhaustive site, `’, which has two attractive features to it – a comprehensive and interactive list of hotels in India and a database of over 60,000 Indian companies and businesses (apart from a host of other India- related data).
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Online Shopping

apan, with a population of 125 million people, boasts of 2302 shops on the web, out of which 20 percent deal in food and beverages. In addition to the large corporations, many small companies are also effectively using the Net, especially those involved in distribution of books, news, information services, and food products. There are magazines also for reporting and advertising on the Internet. However, in India, it is online shopping but with a difference. The Indian entrepreneurs are operating within limitations-though a few innovative minds have developed a unique model for shopping on the Net. If shirt is what you want to buy, the address to be watched out is The site, owned by one of the largest retailers of shirts in India, provides for the purchase of the various models being marketed. All that a person has to do is to choose, click, and order.

However, now starts the tricky part of the whole deal-the payment problem. Here the showroom has adopted the traditional VPP mode of payment. The site, designed by Rediff-on-the-Net, is a pilot project. “As and when circumstances allow, we would like to include electronic payment also,” says Ajit Balakrishnan, MD, Rediff-on-the-Net.

And if it’s pizzas or burgers that you wish to bite into, click on to The site is a 3D gallery of the virtual market. The participating shops include the Delhiites favorite eat-out Nirula’s. The site has been developed using contemporary standards of VRML. It also provides shop-space to companies like USHA Beltron, Seer Global, Oswal Overseas, Dharampal Satyapal Group etc. The site has been developed by Delhi-based InterMESH Systems. And for stocking your cupboards with the latest and best designer wear, click on to, which displays an array of creations from leading Indian designers like Rohit Bal, JJ Vallaya, Ritu Beri, and Ritu Kumar. If need be-these high-profile designers will also churn out an exclusive creation for you, if you email your measurements to them. The payments here again are made through the traditional modes of payment mode such as VPP.


India Gets A Virtual Mart

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News Brief
To commemorate 50 years of India’s independence, Delhi-based InterMESH Systems has launched Virtual IndiaMART. It is a web site that features 3D galleries, where Nirula’s, Usha Beltron, Ganapathi Exports, Seer Global, NDA Securities, Sohrab Group, Oswal Overseas, and Dharmapal Satyapal Group display their products and services.

The Virtual Trading zone…

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The internet has redefined the market place. Click onto some usefull cybermarts and reach out to a world wide market.
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