IndiaMART Cricket League: A Cultural Phenomenon of Passion and Team Spirit!

As Indians, Cricket runs in our veins. It’s not just a sport; it’s a passion that’s woven into the fabric of our culture. Whether we’re mimicking Sachin’s legendary pose or Brett Lee’s fierce bowling, cricket lets us step into the shoes of our idols. From iconic Bollywood films to our very own backyard matches, cricket is more than just a game – it’s a feeling of heroism. 

At IndiaMART, we’re all about that – work hard, play harder! 

What started as a simple team-building activity has evolved into a full-fledged cultural phenomenon where hierarchy takes a backseat and everyone, from on-role to off-role employees, comes together for the love of the game!

Introducing the IndiaMART Cricket League, affectionately known as the ICL! 🏏 Yep, it might sound a tad familiar, but hey, why mess with a winning formula, right?

From living out our cricketing dreams to fostering team spirit, the ICL has been a rollercoaster ride of excitement, camaraderie, and pure fun! We’ve even got a dedicated Grievance Committee in place just for ICL because hey, we take our employees’ fun seriously! 😉

And now, after more than 3 months of intense matches and nail-biting moments, we’re gearing up for the grand finale on March 9th between the top contenders – Team KingsXI and Team The Chosen One! 🏆

Team The Chosen One, comprising our dynamic Business Development superstars, is all set to give their best against the jack of all trades – Team KingsXI, who is a diverse mix of talents from across various departments! 🌟

But it’s not just about having a good time – the ICL has brought about incredible benefits like stronger inter-team bonds, enhanced productivity, stress relief, and an overall boost in positivity and unity! 
We all IndiaMARTians are extremely excited to see whether Team The Chosen One triumphs in Iqbal style or if Team KingsXI will pull off a Lagaan victory! 🏏💥 Don’t worry, we will keep you posted.

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