The Struggle to Survive


As VCs zip up their wallets and investors lose faith in fledgling investments, dot-coms struggle to stay afloat

A team of top managers gather around the conference table for an emergency meeting. The one-point agenda: How to save their company from collapsing. A number of solutions are offered—change in business strategy, alternate revenue options or worse, huge salary-cuts and layoffs.
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The future of B2B Commerce in India Prospects and Markets

Express Cmputer,

Speaker: Brijesh Kumar Agarwal, COO, IndiaMART

In spite of the current slump in the dot-com business, Brijesh Kumar Agarwal, the Chief Operating Officer of IndiaMART is sure of the growth of the market, even though the growth rate has come down. Agarwal mainly spoke on ‘Defining B2B commerce’ (which has taken a beating due to the current blip in the market), the need for redefining as to which sectors are available and the size of the marketplace. Later on, he focused on the different impending issues concerning the dot-com industry, the different emerging areas in the public marketplaces, and lastly on redefining the success roadmap for Indian businesses (covering both large enterprises and small and medium enterprises), “There is a lot of scope in the SME segment, and that’s the niche area, which we are trying to target. 90 percent of our business comes from the SME segment, and as we plan to provide a more focused approach, this area will prove to be a potential goldmine,” he said. According to Agarwal, the stress on the corporate segment was still not there due to the basic issues of security and business partnership plaguing the Indian industry.
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Are E-marketplaces Finished?

September 2001,

Most electronic marketplaces failed to hit the critical mass. Fragile financials barely keep the survivors dead in the water. Will they be blown away or is there value to be salvaged?

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Eighth BIG award goes to

Trav Talk,

TT Bureau

Big 1 has been declared as the winner of eighth monthly Britannica Internet Guide (BIG) award of for its excellence on the web. The Company’s portal was also rated as the best Indian travel portal by
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Tourism & Wildlife, Inc. has announced ( as the winner of its eighth monthly BIG Award for excellence on the Web.

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Travel Websites More Offline Than Online

Travel Trends,

Net Travel

The dotcom industry may have gone into a tailspin, but online travel companies are soaring above the Web crowd
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CNBC: It seems that not all dotcoms have been affected by the slowdown. Strange as it may sound, a few websites are actually making profits! Namarata Tandon caught up with one such dotcom- IndiaMART, and found out what makes it tick. Read More

Ebits – IndiaMART records a 128-per cent rise in profits

A & M, which was launched in 1996, has recorded a 128-per cent rise in profits and 112-per cent growth in revenues over the last year. The company claims to have been profitable during all five years of its operations since 1996. The revenues have gone up from Rs 135.5 lakh to Rs 287 lakh. The company generates its revenues from multiple sources including development of online business catalogs, B2B auctions, web-based advertising, co-branded promotion and marketing campaigns, and development of e-business and e-commerce solutions for clients.
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INDIAMART.COM, A third party B2B marketplace, started in 1996 when internet was in its infancy in India and B2B was unheard of…

Case Study :

CIOINDIAMART.COM, A third party B2B marketplace, started in 1996 when internet was in its infancy in India and B2B was unheard of. When Dinesh Agarwal transferred himself from HCL America to HCL India towards the end of 1995, the entrepreneurial spirit in him already had a plan brewing. After six months, he left HCL to concentrate fully on his maiden venture – Read More





  • Know how B2B s are changing the e-commerce landscape
  • Understanding the intricacies in B2B strategies
  • Be aware of what organizations should do to succeed in the marketplace

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