Creative Web Designing skills at IndiaMART

The Telegraph (Graphiti),

LOOKS MATTER To emphasise its brand identily, the site on the Freelook range of casual wear ( used features such as ‘shock waves’ animation, a peppy soundtrack and jazzy colours to make the screen come alive visually.
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Business World

This column is meant for those who have a business on the ground as well as a website to market that business. You have probably got an outside firm to make your site. That makes sense, because it leaves you time to focus on your own business. But you should also remember that for the software firm that makes your site, you are just one among several clients. You must not expect it to think up a Net Marketing strategy for you. That must be done by you. And in any case, for the price that most firms charge for a site – often less than a few lakhs – they cannot afford to put a marketing expert at your disposal.

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MTNL’s Bharat On-line ( presents Budget 2001-02

February 24, 2001: Bharat Online, MTNL’s portal site is covering Railway and Union Budget 2001-02 online. The section dedicated to the Budget bring online the proceedings of the Railway and Union Budget scheduled for the 26th and the 28th of February, respectively.
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Cyber Guru

HT City,

Dinesh Best Sites1. – It is American news channel CNN’s official site. I find it to be the most reliable for international news, and timely too.
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Online Car Marts

A & M,

Will a proper car market come to be on the Internet with prices set by real-time demand and supply? Sounds Cool.
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Virtual Bazaar

HT magazine,
From the recreated rusticity of Crafts Museum to handicraft indiamart , our traditional handicrafts arewebsavvy really going places. And if there is anything you have always wanted to know about our tradition of block-printed fabrics, or paper mache, or bone inlays, or anything else that catches your fancy, your search should stop at this information powerhouse.
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An online gateway to the Indian marketplace

The Economic Times,

Dinesh Net AffectWHEN DINESH Agarwal was in the US six years ago, a cousin back in India asked him to get all the information he could on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He tried hard telephoning but got little information. As a sort of last desperate move, he turned to the Internet which was still in the growing stage. And with a click, he had a screenful and more of information his cousin needed! That was perhaps the germ from which Agarwal’s Intermesh Systems was born. Now, at 30, Agarwal runs an Internet company that boasts a sales turnover of Rs 70 lakh a year. “We are targeting Rs 2.5 crores in the current financial year,” he says as a matter-of-factly.
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Its Diwali, virtually

Hindustan Times – HT City,

Got an international credit card? Then all you need to do is log on to websites like and ‘send’ sweets or dry fruits from Haldiram

As cracker sales plummet, Delhities prepare for a low-key but hi-tech celebration

It’s not just nerds celebrating an ‘on-line’ Diwali this year: It’s also the aged grandparents of Indo-US netizens who are being dot-com’d into the new millennium, receiving gifts online from children overseas.

Diwali cards will also be outmoded next year as new software makes it possible to talk and exchange greetings with loved ones across the globe. Suddenly, Diwali is no longer what it used to be: Mithais are unhealthy, crackers are politically incorrect and diyas a fire hazard in crowded by-lanes and gullies. In such a scenario, why not sit back and celebrate Diwali – virtually?
In case you haven’t noticed, Diwali has gone digital. Get on the World Wide Web to send mithais to your family and friends in or around Delhi. Got an international credit card? Then all you need to do is log on to websites like shopping indiamart com and ‘send’ sweets or dry fruits from Haldiram, the Asian food giant, simply by clicking at the right places . So forget that ritual Diwali trip to Tau’s place, and dotcom him some kaju-barfi instead.

But for many, Diwali will be a low-key affair this year. Even the gifts are fewer, complains novelist Khushwant Singh: “Last Diwali, I had received 10-odd bottles of Scotch. This year it’s only three.” Even shops and stores are reporting lower sales this year, particularly when it comes to crackers. Says Maheshwar Dayal Srivastava, owner of Majestic Fire Works, “Cracker sales are down to 20% this year, thanks to the anti-pollution and anti-child labour campaigns. It’s a trend that’s been evident for the last 10 years.”

Quiz wiz Siddharth Basu has been a part of that trend for years and “now that schools have been issued letters by the Delhi CM to say ‘no’ to crackers this Diwali, I think, as parents, we shouldn’t encourage them.”

One parent who won’t is model Simar Duggal: “I have a little child who suffers congestion year after year due to pollution. I think people are realising it and that is why there was less noise last year…

…Which brings us back to our virtual celebrations – why not be cyber savvy and dotcom Diwali?

Now you can send Diwali Mithai anywhere via

The Asian Age,

New Delhi, Nov. 5: Click to cyber sweets. Nostalgia, the ache to be in the midst of festivities and the joy of sending mithai surprises.

Each of these is answered by Intermesh Systems’ new website for Diwali. In collaboration with Haldiram’s, shopping indiamart com gives Indians living abroad an opportunity to send gifts to relatives and friends in Delhi with sugary delights. A brainchild of the marketing head, Intermesh Systems, Mr Manan Sharma, has a variety of Indian sweets, dry-fruits and even silver coins that can be ordered on the Net and sent to near and dear ones anywhere in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida or Ghaziabad.
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Web Solution Developer: Intermesh Systems

PC World,

Web Developer Super Guide – By Mirza Wahid

Imesh Front PageEvolving rapidly into a web solutions supermarket, InterMESH Systems claim to fame is, one of the largest Indian business service providers on the Internet and a premier online business information exchange in the country.
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