How a 40-year-old business transformed itself digitally through IndiaMART!

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus,” stated Bruce Lee.

and this holds true for our IndiaMART champions who’ve become top sellers on India’s largest B2B platform because they know where their Target Group (TG) resides, which city would give them maximum ROI, and which marketing service is tailor-made for their business. Puneet Matreja, owner KayVee Footwear, Delhi touched and on boarded bulk buyers in the small towns and far-flung Indian cities, where it was difficult for his sales team to reach through IndiaMART.

Operating out of Naraina Industrial Area, New Delhi, KayVee Footwear had been in the business for the last four decades and manufactures school shoes, PT shoes, army jogger shoes, tennis shoes, and canvas shoes, etc. However, the company operations expanded unprecedently, [1] when Puneet decided to leverage the digital edge IndiaMART offered through its City Star service.

What’s City Star solution all about?

The IndiaMART City Star/Leader service boosts the visibility of sellers in selected city markets. While an ordinary seller gets 7/14 Buy Leads in a week, a seller who opts for the City Star/Leader service gets a 5x lift and can expect 35/49 Buy Leads, respectively. These sellers also benefit from a complimentary Keyword City Premium Listing, which is a top-up service that helps sellers appear higher in IndiaMART search for select keywords in the cities of their choice.

How City Star helped KayVee Footwear?

Puneet shares that he divided his marketing reach by choosing 50% cities where he had the bulk buyers already available, while the rest 50% was mapped for new cities to explore the hidden opportunities and untap potential buyers. The primary objective behind mapping new cities was to reach the buyers who had never heard of KayVee Footwear before, and it was easy to rank higher in the shortest time possible. The return on investment maximizes for the sellers who choose IndiaMART City Service, as the company profile shows on top for city-specific searches in their chosen product category.

As per Puneet, the City-Star service positions the seller as a local vendor and wins the confidence of buyers who otherwise hesitate to source goods and customized products from a manufacturer sitting more than 500 kilometers away.

There are many more sellers like Puneet Matreja, who have used City Star/Leader service to drive results, and enhance their consumer journey. IndiaMART hosts 93 million buyers5.7million suppliers, and 63million products and services, and by tapping into this humongous B2B connect, every business has to only gain, just like KayVee Footwear.

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Make a Customer, Not a Sale! | Getting candid with DS

Devendra Singh or DS, as he is fondly called within the IndiaMART family, shared glimpses of his much-revered journey of over two decades with the country’s largest B2B marketplace. This association dates back to the days when IndiaMART was still in its pre-natal stage and was evolving. DS recollects, how in the months of February and March of 1996, he was leading the digital transformation at Nirula’s, one of North India’s most popular fast-food restaurant company in those times. 

The Growth with Nirula’s

As the IT Head of Nirula’s, and reporting directly to the MD Mr. Deepak Nirula, DS had already successfully established the Payroll & HR Systems, F&B Controls System, Hotel Management System and Production Planning and Management on MSSQL / VB / Crystal Reports 7 platform.

DS with Mr. Lalit Nirula and Mr. Deepak Nirula.

To further explore the untapped potential of the IT revolution taking place in India, getting a B2C website looked indispensable to DS.

DS had invited quotations from website development companies in the Delhi NCR region. On the verge of launching his start-up, IndiaMART, Founder and CEO Dinesh Agarwal sent a fax to Devendra Singh. He was one amongst the few shortlisted to give a presentation to DS.

As soon as the meeting kicked-off, DS was impressed with DA’s vision of creating an Online version of Yellow Pages for India, and how he intended to spearhead the country towards digital transformation by getting businesses online. The idea instantly touched the patriotic side of DS, and he gave the online catalog order for Nirula’s to IndiaMART.

A famous customer service quote says, “Make a customer, not a sale,” and that’s what Dinesh Agarwal was able to accomplish! A month before the launch of the IndiaMART portal on 1st April 1996, DA had found its first customer who got its business online at

The dawn of the Internet in India – 15th August 1995

An internet enthusiast, DS was drawn towards Information Technology since his early days. He shares, that though Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) launched the public Internet access in India on 15th August 1995, DS was using the Internet since it was a thing of the western world, and companies like CompuServe and AOL were operating out of the US. DS shares that only the rich and the privileged in India would have access to emails at the time, and they would dial-in to CompuServe and use the emails via ISD lines. No wonder, when the Internet era unfolded in India, DS was amongst the first users to get an early access via GIAS (Gateway Internet Access System) of VSNL.

The story behind DS & DA!

There’s no dearth of captivating stories from the enigmatic DS. 

During a candid discussion, he shares the story behind the acronym-nomenclature amongst the senior leadership team at IndiaMART. In 2003, when DS joined IndiaMART in the capacity of a full-time employee as a Manager Technical, his email id was setup as There was another employee by the same name in the admin department. Emails intended for DS would often be marked mistakenly to his counterpart and would land in his inbox. Not happy with the to-and-fro, and delayed communication, DS ended setting up his email id as, and people started calling him DS.

DS brings in another fascinating instance here. He shares that during the startup days, DA would use his official id to register the company at various Internet Directories, send proposals, and perform various other marketing tasks. With the passage of time, as IndiaMART expanded its wings, a larger team took over the functions that Dinesh Agarwal would do in the initial days of the company as a startup entrepreneur. However, as his email id was seeded at far more places on the world wide web, he would get 90% of spam emails on a daily basis. Dinesh sought help from DS to resolve the matter, and as a simple solution, DS created as the new email id for the CEO. The rest is history, no one at IndiaMART knows when Mr. Dinesh Agarwal came to be known as DA and Mr. Devendra Singh – Dee esS

DS with DA

IndiaMART’s Indigenous Anti-Spam Mailing System

The above instance led us to another milestone in IndiaMART’s technical progress. DA’s original email id was used as a guinea pig to bifurcate and filter spam emails. Testing and experimenting on his email id, DS was able to build the company’s first indigenous Anti-Spam Mailing System. DS counts his, this first project at IndiaMART as one of his greatest achievements. He had built a feature-rich Mail Server (based on qmail) with Antivirus / Antispam and webmail using completely open-source software. The Antispam solution used to learn from Spam samples submitted to the system using Bayesian algorithm. The solution also had capability to OCR read the spammy messages written over embedded images in Mails.

The mindset of doing Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

During the launch of the Email Solution at 4:00am in the morning, something went wrong and all the Client Mails started bouncing. DS panicked and intended to revert to the old system, but DA insisted to keep calm and try doing RCA. On getting this moral support, DS was able to find the bug in one of the open source components and wrote a patch for it. By 5:00am the Solution was up and running. Lesson learnt that “Evil computers sense you’re in a hurry and mess with your head”. When something goes wrong, do not panic, do the RCA and fix. Support and Trust your Team in adverse situation and the Team will do wonders.

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The IndiaMART Buyers’ Meet 2019 | What Indian B2B Buyers Want?

With the evolution of eCommerce in industrial purchasing, the buyer journey in the B2B space has evolved in the past two decades. As a part of its Customer First initiatives, IndiaMART hosted a Buyers’ Meet on December 6th, 2019 at its headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The event was insightful as procurement leads of various companies shared their side of buyer journeys through IndiaMART – the largest B2B e-Commerce marketplace in India.

The Intent – Customer First

IndiaMART has been the harbinger of change in the B2B space of India. Founded in the year 1999, the company has emerged as the first and the largest B2B marketplace in the country. IndiaMART has lead the digital transformation of medium, small and mid-sized enterprises from the front, by facilitating an eCommerce platform, at a time when the number of internet users in the country was as fewer as 500. As we complete two decades of our successful journey, we understand that our buyers have played a pivotal role in our success. They are the ones who’ve put their trust in our vision and spearheaded the digitization of the procurement process in their respective organizations.

The intent of this event was clearly to engage with our buyers, understand the awareness of key products among our frequent buyers, and take qualitative input and feedback.

A Day Full of Engagement

The IndiaMART Buyers’ Meet 2019 began at 11am with a Meet ‘n’ Greet with the Purchase Leads of leading MSMEs of the North zone. The event took off on a formal note, but soon the boardroom was filled with candid chats between Purchase Managers and the IndiaMART team. Personnel from the marketing department, UX department, and the HODs lead conversations with the guests who gave valuable insights and shared their stunning stories about how IndiaMART has made a difference in their everyday life.

Key Insights & Outcomes

We got a chance to interact with Purchase Leads from various industry backgrounds, who’ve been fulfilling their procurement needs from IndiaMART. Talking to them brought forward traditional issues that have crippled the Indian commerce and purchasing system, since time unknown. The menace of Milibhagat i.e. Collusion is a bad trade practice that eats away a company’s resources like a termite and decays the very spirit of every organization. 

IndiaMART – Fighting Milibhagat, one organization at a time

One of the key buyers, on the condition of anonymity, shared an incident when he had posted a requirement for MIG wire cables on IndiaMART, and got different quotes from online sellers. To his surprise, the quoted pricing was significantly less than what the company had been sourcing from offline vendors. Purchasing the item from online vendors looked like a prudent decision. However, due to old contacts with the existing vendor, the Purchase Manager didn’t get a green flag to switch to a new supplier, immediately. With unwavering grit to follow the right practice, the Purchase Manager uploaded the new quotes in the company’s SAP system, from where he got the approval in a matter of hours to source goods from a seller who had a competitive edge over others.

The practice was imbibed in the entire purchasing flow, and purchase decisions were made swiftly, without offending anyone.

The buyers did give their stamp of approval to the idea of organizing more Buyers’ Meets in the future. As per one, the meet brought a human connect between a technical interface that facilitated ease of B2B purchasing online, and the humans utilizing it.

IndiaMART – Google of Industrial Buying

If we have to talk about the word or precisely phrase of the day, most Purchase Leads stated that IndiaMART is the ‘Google for Industrial Buying.’ Mr. Umesh Gautam, CEO, Reckon Infra told that while in Google the top search results may or may not be useful immediately, the search results for any query at IndiaMART are 100% relevant and actionable.

“Connectivity is instant with sellers, and IndiaMART advisors are a great help,” shared Mr. Gautam. 

Mr. Gyan Prakash of China Construction Sausum shared that the procurement process has become “less time-consuming,” due to an abundance of suppliers on the platform.

While Mr. Rohit, from Cloud 9 Group of Hospitals, called the platform a perfect fit for Zonal Purchase Managers, who can “remotely connect with local vendors at distant locations in a matter of few hours.”

For Mr. Alok Yadav, Purchase Executive, Unicon Cranes, IndiaMART made “vendor empanelment transparent and easy.

The Purchase Leads also shared constructive feedback, which HODs made note of, and will be channelized for further improvement of User Experience (UX) as well as User Interface (UI).

The Buyers’ Meet 2019 concluded on a great note with a lot of takeaways, insights, and most importantly happy faces and satisfied buyers! 

How Noida’s leading Maternity Care Hospital transformed digitally through IndiaMART!

A day in the life of a Purchase Lead hovers around developing a strategic vendor portfolio, procure quality goods at competitive prices, and fill requirements in the shortest delivery times possible. It was 11:05 am on 6th December 2019, when the first person to walk-in at the IndiaMART Buyer’s Meet 2019 was Rohit – a Purchase Manager at Cloudnine Hospitals, Noida. 

Image result for cloud9 hospital logo png

Sitting silently as others joined, we got a chance to know the buyer’s journey of this young and insightful executive, who also happens to be Cloudnine’s digital transformer. 

Some excerpts, insights, and tips shared by this young manager showcase his deep involvement with the IndiaMART platform:

“Genuine Products, Reliable Suppliers”

The Buyer Connect @IndiaMART

Rohit searched for B2B marketplaces on Google and came across IndiaMART, a few years back,  to procure medical consumables, printing material, and electronic equipment, amongst other requirements. Since then, he has made a significant shift from offline sourcing to online procurement. The reason behind his digital shift is mainly due to competitive rates that he gets from genuine online suppliers who deliver quality products within the designated timelines. 

“Shoo away Saturation”

Rohit shared that with offline vendors, a laidback attitude sets in due course of time. The deliveries and commitments take a hit and are generally put on a backburner with permanent vendors. While, with online supply partners, competition keeps suppliers on their toes to meet the timelines, not just the first-time, but every-time. As per Rohit, the vendors he’s met through online marketplace understand timelines better, as they know they are always replaceable if they don’t deliver on time.

“Faster connect, despite larger distance”

Cloudnine has a PAN India presence, and Rohit heads the procurement for the North zone. With facilities located in Chandigarh, Gurgaon, and Noida, it is not always feasible for him to source items by connecting with local vendors offline. Yet, local vendors are an important link in the supply chain. Rohit elaborates on how IndiaMART makes it easy to connect with far-fledged local vendors in a few hours and get things going the same day. He shares that, “placing requirement online through IndiaMART does away with the need to step out of office, yet completes tasks on time.” 

Rohit adds that within two to three hours of posting a requirement online, he is contacted by genuine local suppliers who can meet the demand precisely and deliver goods. Negotiations take place with ease, and contracts are sealed transparently. The whole process builds management’s confidence and helps him make data-driven purchase decisions.

Rohit with the IndiaMART Team

“Better Prices, More Savings”

Getting quotations from a variety of suppliers helped Rohit reduce costs for various departments and strengthened his decision to go digital for procurement for Cloudnine Hospitals. The competitive rates of each quotation also aided him in negotiating the pricing with his existing vendors. Getting quality products sourced at the best price within timelines is the Holy grail for every Purchase Manager, and Rohit seems to have attained it.

“Wide range, all at one place”

Rohit also points out that he can source a wide variety of products on a single platform with IndiaMART. A wide range of products has helped him procure alternative products that have added value to the inventory system. 

In the words of Rohit, “IndiaMART is a search platform that connects suppliers from PAN India,” which has made life easy for Zonal Purchase Managers like him.

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Top Secret about E-Mail Marketing Revealed!

As a lead-in, let me first explain what drip marketing is.

It is the process of sending emails, SMS, online notifications etc. to a group of prospects for purposes like (and not limited to) marketing of a new product, re-marketing, sales etc. The base list of prospects is gathered by studying the users’ behaviour related to the product being marketed. This could be the online behaviour or in a store offline. The content of a drip is in accordance with the receiver’s conduct. These emails are typically automated.

It is referred to as “drip” marketing as it involves the communication to be sent one-by-one to a prospect, like a drip, at a pre-scheduled date & time on the basis of this prospect’s reaction to the preceding drip email.

In this article we will focus on drip marketing by emails.

Drip Marketing

What are the possible reactions by a prospect to your drip email?

When you send out drip 1, the prospect can do either of the following –

  1. Ignore it
  2. Open it
  3. Open & click on the link provided in the email body
  4. Open & respond to the email
  5. Open, click on the link provided in the email body & respond to the email

Prospects who respond to drip email 1 are excluded from drip email 2 and the ones who respond to drip email 2 are excluded from drip email 3 and so on till the last email.

There are several tools available online (which also provide a free trial period) to automate this entire process. These tools help you track everything, from emails delivered to open rate, click rate, response rate & also A/B test which is crucial here!

How is the success of a drip campaign measured?

The success of a drip campaign is measured by calculating conversion which happens in the following ways-

  1. Deliveries — No. of emails that successfully got delivered to the “inbox” of your prospects. Your emails should not land in the spam box.
  2. Open rate — Open rate is calculated by dividing the no. of emails opened by no. of emails delivered. For example — 100 emails got delivered & 10 of the prospects opened them. So the open rate is 10%.
  3. Click rate — Most drips contain links to the sender’s webpage. So the click rate is calculated by dividing the no. of unique clicks on the hyperlink by no. of emails opened.
  4. Positive response — A positive response can come via a reply to your drip or in some cases, the receiver might call you. So it is very essential to provide the correct contact information in every drip. A prospect who makes the effort of calling you or writing back has a very high intent and should be handled with utmost care 🙂
  5. Conversion rate — This is ratio of no. of positive responses received and the no. of emails delivered. This ratio represents the success of a drip campaign.

How to get max deliveries, open rate & click rate?

1. Perfect subject line

Perfecting the subject line is crucial. A good subject line does not exceed more than 5 words. These days when most users check emails on their phones, it is vitally important that your subject line fits in the space allotted for subject lines on mobiles. A catchy subject line translates into more opens which means a higher open rate.

2. A/B test

This refers to using variations in a drip’s content to find what kind language is most acceptable to your user base.

A/B testing is also known as split testing. It shows which of two (or three..A or B…or C) options is the most effective in terms of encouraging opens or clicks.

To A/B test your drip campaign, make two variants of an email. These variants could be in terms of two different

(1) Subject lines

For example — Subject A: You have a gift voucher!

Subject B: Redeem your gift voucher

(2) Email bodies starting with Hey, another with Hello

(3) Placement of a clickable link in the email the beginning or somewhere in the middle

(4) Variants can also have different color schemes, fonts etc.

Take about 25% of your complete set of prospects to make a test group. Half of the test group is sent Version A, while the other half gets Version B. The result, measured by the most opens or clicks, determines the winning version. This is then sent to the remaining 75%.

3. Send Time Optimization

STO refers to finding the best time when the maximum of your users are active online. Sending the drip at that moment will land it at the top of a receiver’s email box. This will boost the chances of the drip being opened and raise the open rate.

In my experience, people who work 9–5 are more likely to check their emails in the morning and late evenings. It will take a few A/B tests to find the best time of sending out a drip.

Same as time, choosing the rights days to drive the drips is critical. Again, depends on the product you are selling & the user base you are targeting.

Sending out a drip for a holiday package gives a higher conversion on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. On the other hand, a drip on selling an analytical tool used to make graphs and presentations gives a better conversion during the first half of the week.

4. The gap between two mails

Keeping an ideal gap between scheduling two drips of a campaign is pivotal in making the whole campaign a success.

A campaign of 3 emails typically has a sequence of email 1 on day 1 followed by email 2 on day 3 which is followed by email 3 on day 7. Deciding what day will be day 1 can make all the difference!

You can exclude Saturdays & Sundays while counting the days for rolling out drips targeting working professionals as they are not likely to check emails on weekends (also explained in STO section above).

5. Correct placement of clickable links

If you want your prospects to click on the link, it is advisable to put it before the middle of the email body as 80% of the users do not go beyond it. The link should be clearly differentiated from the rest of the text. It should not get subdued in the rest of the email as 95% of the users only take a quick glance. Right position of the link leads to a higher click rate. Again, A/B test!

6. Avoid spammy words

“A great place to hide a dead body is in the spam box of your prospect’s email.”

Terms like free, opportunity, work from home, you have won, lottery, call now etc. are considered to be spammy in the drip marketing world. Never load your emails with these words. No one likes seeing them. Too many images, too many clickable links are also considered to be spam.

All email service providers filter emails containing such text and move it straight to the spam box!

But this does not necessarily mean that you can not use these words at all. All of them can be used in moderation. However, too many of them or too much repetition of one of them can land in you the spam or junk folder. If you do find yourself having an inbox deliver ability problem, removing any instances of these spam words from your email subject line or email content can help to get you back into the inbox. 🙂

7. Spell & grammar check

Poorly composed emails are a big turn off! As your emails represent your brand, check them for any spelling mistake or grammatical error.

Summarizing the perks of drip marketing

  • It is automated. Emails are sent as per preset date and time.
  • It reduces manual effort of sending each email one by one. Hence, is easier for scaling up email marketing projects.
  • Content can be fine-tuned for a better conversion using audience’s response to drip emails.
  • It’s easy to reach a wide base of prospects in one go.
  • Various tools are available online to set up drip campaigns.

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This Valentine’s Meet IndiaMART’s Sweethearts!

Couples who work together, grow together. Although working along comes replete with its own share of magic moments and challenges, we spoke to three couples who are either currently working or have worked before in different verticals of IndiaMART to know their stories up-close-personal. Let us take you through their journeys as the couples-cum-colleagues share their love stories with us. 

A Shubharambh destined at IndiaMART

These words served as an alarm by Sanjana Goel’s parents when she first apprised them of her feelings for Rohal Goel. The duo met during IndiaMART’s Induction Program (Shubharambh) in July 2018. What took off as a casual friendship between three colleagues during the induction program, paved the way for Rohan and Sanjana to see each other without any filters. The mutual admiration grew in the following months, and so did their fondness for long conversations, shared lunches, and outings together. On what you can call their first date at the Rail Museum in September 2018, the duo realized there was something more to their relationship than just being friends. Without wasting any more time, Rohan proposed Sanjana in October 2018. The answer was an ear to ear smile on bubbly Sanjana, followed by a burst of hearty laughter filling the air, where words were not paramount to convey, Te Amo! 

“By the time it was the end of the year, we were clear we are going to be together,” reveals Rohan. In February 2019, they broke the news to their families. While everything was calm at Rohan’s home, back in Meerut, Sanjana’s family was in for a shock as stereotypes often ruin the first impressions of Delhi boys. Sanjana tried to convince that Rohan was different, and through an acquaintance validating the initial doubts of her parents,  the couple got married in April 2019 and will be celebrating their first anniversary on 25th April 2020.

For Rohan and Sanjana, they were destined to be together, and IndiaMART became the destination where they would first meet. Their courtship period at the company is a time they’ll cherish forever. Rohan feels that everyone around could see love blooming between them, even before they figured out themselves. He shared a funny incident when he went to Sanjana’s floor looking for someone else, and one of his colleagues pointed to Sanjana’s seat and directed Rohan, “she sits there!”

Discovering the other side of you!!!

Niraj Kumar Katiyar and Shobhna Verma, from Team Marketplace, got married in 2009. While Niraj joined IndiaMART in 2011, Shobhna joined the team in 2013 when Niraj figured out an opening that matched her profile. With long commuting hours, life in a metro often limits family time. Niraj envisioned that it would be great working together in the same organization as the couple would be able to spend more time with each other. Since then, while life became easier working together at IndiaMART and the couple has all positive things to say about their decision, it is a beautiful moment during an offsite Bootcamp in 2013 that’s etched in Niraj’s memory. 

He shares that as a couple, you tend to create a certain persona about your other half. However, there’s more to each person, especially in different settings. He discovered this different facet in Shobhna while she was dancing in the Bootcamp, utterly unaware that the cupid can strike again even after four years of marriage. Niraj calls it a magical moment and loved every part of being on stage that night with his wife, partner, friend, and colleague, Shobhna!

“It’s a different feeling altogether when you discover an unseen element of your spouse,” states Niraj, “it’s like falling in love with the same person, all over again!” he quips. 

Today as they commute to work and take breaks together, Shobhna says that the constant strife to strike work-life balance has eased, and their personal bond has strengthened over the past seven years. For Niraj, there is no difference between the home or office. “There’s a sense of positivity all around. Sab hamara hi hai, it looks like a family,” he concludes.

Separating Personal & Professional Life while ensuring We-Time!

Holding the family tradition close to their hearts, Sudhanshu Kumar Tiwari and Shobha Tiwari stay in a joint family of three brothers, and the family elders. Their relationship is a perfect example of the adage that says, ‘marriages are made in heaven,’ and your soulmate finds a way in your life. On 9th February 2008, Sudhanshu got the news that his would-be wife has been chosen, and their wedding is fixed for 8th June 2008. Elated as well as curious, Sudhanshu connected with Shobha over a phone call and was love struck by hearing her voice. “I was mesmerized to hear her voice and could imagine her face. That was the moment when I realized it was the time to settle down,” shares an otherwise shy Sudhanshu.

The couple had to deal with outmoded challenges like the dowry system when Sudhanshu took a stand and asked his family to move over such practices. Hailing from a nuclear family, Shobha did take her time to adapt to a large familial setup. She found unparalleled support in her husband, who encouraged her to start working to keep herself occupied and stay positive in life. He came across the post of a Design-Coordinator at IndiaMART and asked Shobha to apply. Shobha cleared the interview and joined the organization. 

The duo chose to walk a thin line and keep their personal and professional lives separate. They prefer to take breaks separately with their respective teams and avoid personal interactions during work hours. On the other hand, they love working together because it gives them the much-needed we-time while traveling to work every day, during office parties, and common fun-activities across verticals during contests. 

Sudhanshu shares that they have a better understanding of each other’s mood at any given day because they understand their shared office culture, priorities, timelines, as well as challenges. “We share challenges and give suggestions, to keep each other motivated. Office ke challenges ka frustration, ghar pe nahi nikalta,” he laughs.

While the common notion goes that working together can bring in boredom amongst couples, these IndiaMART couples shun the stereotypes and assert that couples who work together, grow together as life partners. They nurture emotional support in their relationship as they understand each other’s challenges, aspirations and career goals better than others.

SANY Heavy Industries engages IndiaMART Enterprise Solutions for maximizing reach to potential customers

  • Sany Heavy Industry, China’s Largest And The World’s Fifth Engineering Machinery Manufacturer has recently engaged the services of IndiaMART enterprise solutions for maximizing online reach to potential customers
  • IndiaMART’s Enterprise Solutions paves the digital way of generating business leads for India’s corporate biggies 
  • IndiaMART by offering a single-window solution is enabling the enterprises with the reach and brand visibility across all tiers, while delivering unparalleled ROI for these brands: – Dinesh Gulati, COO, IndiaMART

New Delhi, February 12th, 2020: Sany Heavy Industries has recently engaged the services of IndiaMART enterprise solutions for maximizing online reach to potential customers. Echoing the benefits witnessed after coming on board IndiaMART, Mr. Dheeraj Panda-Director (Sales, Marketing & Customer Support), SANY South Asia, said traditionally construction equipment were never bought through an online medium. We have launched this initiative to maximize our reach to every potential customer of a Hydraulic Excavator, Cranes, Piling Rigs, Road & Mining Equipment. SANY is the fastest growing organization in this industry for the last 5 years and we intend to extend that streak.”

“The experience with IndiaMART has been quite satisfying. I think they have a talented bunch of backend service managers. We have been getting encouraging numbers in terms of leads, and we hope the conversion increases to 15-20% in the long term”, Mr. Panda added.

Enterprises are seeking the digital route to expand lead generation and conversion, there is a significant rush to acquire a greater understanding of the way people access, purchase, and engage online. The rapid internet penetration has opened a huge scope for brands to leverage the power of an easy-to-use digital platform, like IndiaMART, that will make doing business easy and help in further growth. Several enterprises are already generating leads from potential buyers through IndiaMART’s Enterprise Solutions initiative, thus unlocking the digital way of doing business.

Commenting on the growing trend towards digitization among established corporate brands, Dinesh Gulati, COO, IndiaMART, said, “Enterprises have realised the importance of digital play and are coming forward to explore it for demand generation, or brand visibility or both. IndiaMART by offering a single window solution, is enabling the enterprises with the reach and brand visibility across all tiers, while delivering unparalleled ROI for these brands. As we progress, we remain committed to offer the latest tech-enabled, easy-to-use solutions that would help in the overall development of businesses.”

Digitization has been opening up new avenues of doing business for SMEs in India, making the entire process quick, flexible, efficient, and simplified. Having successfully addressed the cause of the SMEs, IndiaMART has expanded into the enterprise vertical with customised enterprise solutions. Today, more than 200 leading brands across major industries like Healthcare, Construction Equipment, Farm Equipment, Hand and Power tools, Commercial Vehicles are executing plans to generate incremental business growth through their association with IndiaMART.

About IndiaMART:

IndiaMART is India’s largest online B2B marketplace for business products and services. It is a platform that connects buyers and sellers across borders and time-zones through business solutions. IndiaMART provides ease and convenience to the buyers by offering a wide assortment of products and a responsive seller base while offering lead generation, lead management and payment solutions to its sellers.

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Dinesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO, IndiaMart Awarded Digital Person of the Year | Medium


New Delhi,07th February 2020: Dinesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO, IndiaMart was adjudged as the Digital Person of the Year at the 10th edition of India Digital Awards presented by IAMAI. The 10th India Digital Awards coincided with the 14th India Digital Summit.

The awards this year had 7 categories, and the categories for the same were Digital Advertising, Digital Content, Digital Social and Economic Empowerment, Mobile and App Awards, Payment and Fintech Awards, Social Media Awards and Technology Awards.

Interactive Avenues — A Reprise Network Company was declared as the Digital Agency of the Year while cure. fit was awarded as the Digital Start-up of the Year.
Mindshare India won the silver for Digital Agency of the Year.

Winners of 10th India Digital Awards:

Awards and Winners
1. Best Brand Awareness Campaign Using Mobile-Amazon Prime Video by PivotRoots
2. Best Data Driven Marketing Strategy-Spotify India by Interactive Avenues :A Reprise Network Company
3. Best Lead Generation Campaign Through Mobile-Unilever by Rage Communications
4. Best Messaging Campaign-PVR Cinemas
5. Best App/Game used for Marketing-Flipkart
6. Best Mobile Search Campaign-G.I.M Infotech
7. Best use of AR/VR in a Marketing Campaign-Mahindra & Mahindra by Interactive Avenues :A Reprise Network Company
8. Best Digital Integrated Campaign-Pampers -Procter & Gamble by Value First Digital Media
9. Best Display Campaign-Coca-Cola India by Interactive Avenues:A Reprise Network Company
10. Best Email Marketing Campaign-Kimberly Clark by FCB Interface
11. Best Search Marketing Campaign-MobiKwik by Hive Minds Innovative Market Solutions
12. Best Innovative Mobile App-Khatabook

The awards were conceived with an aim to recognize and promote the efforts of the talented Indian developers and creative honchos who have made outstanding contribution towards ground-breaking advancements and rose above their peers.


The Internet and Mobile Association of India [IAMAI] is a young and vibrant association with ambitions of representing the entire gamut of digital businesses in India. It was established in 2004 by the leading online publishers, and in the last 16 years has come to effectively address the challenges facing the digital and online industry including mobile content and services, online publishing, mobile advertising, online advertising, ecommerce and mobile & digital payments among others.

Sixteen years after its establishment, the association is still the only professional industry body representing the online industry in India. The association is registered under the Societies Act and is a recognized charity in Maharashtra. With a membership of nearly 300 Indian and overseas companies, and with offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata, the association is well placed to work towards charting a growth path for the digital industry in India.

For queries please contact:
NilotpalChakravarti — AVP- IAMAI /+91–98106–72906
Vishwapriya Bhattacharya +9184471–66068

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IndiaMART’s CEO, Dinesh Agarwal awarded as the 'Digital Person of the Year’

Noida, India, February 7, 2020: Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IndiaMART, Mr. Dinesh Agarwal, received ‘The Digital Person of the Year’ at the 10th India Digital Award hosted on 5th and 6th February 2020, organized by Internet And Mobile Association of India (IAMAI)

IAMAI organized its 14th edition of India Digital Summit. The two-day summit focused on a broad theme of ‘The Next Digital Leap gearing up in the country’. The dynamic digital world will associate this summit with one of the largest annual gatherings of business leaders, industry veterans & marketers.  On this achievement, Mr. Dinesh Agarwal said, “I am extremely honoured to receive this prestigious award. Digitalization has had a huge impact in our lives and will continue in doing so in future. Digital transformation isn’t just for Silicon Valley companies or startups; it’s a way of life for organizations expecting to survive in the next decade as the digital era has started and it will be known as the ‘common era’ for the internet in the coming years,” he added.

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'Budget shows intent of government to resurrect MSMEs'

Deccan Herald

“The Union Budget presented by the Finance Minister is quite balanced and aimed at boosting the economic development of the country. The overall measures announced will spur the revival of the economy and increase consumption. The proposed simplification in filing GST return and speeding up of GST refund process will positively impact the entire industry, especially the MSMEs. This budget has also proposed significant measures for the MSME that can help alleviate the financing problems by amendments to the Factory Regulation Act 2011 which will enable non banking financial companies (NBFCs) to extend invoice financing to the MSMEs. The Budget also raises the audit turnover threshold for MSMEs to Rs 5 crore for MSME intended at reducing the compliance burden on small retailers, traders, shopkeepers. The Budget also raises the audit turnover threshold for MSMEs to Rs 5 crore for MSME intended at reducing the compliance burden on small retailers, traders, shopkeepers. At the same time, the government has also asked the Reserve Bank to extend debt restructuring window for MSME sector by a year to March 31, 2021. The range of measures introduced by the government for the MSME sector indicates the intent of the government to resurrect the MSMEs and create an enabling atmosphere for ease of doing business.”- Dinesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO, IndiaMART