Learning Centre: A Learning Tool, For The Sellers and The Employees

In the age of digital services, brands more often than not miss out on having a personal touch with their customers. A year back this was exactly what we realized at IndiaMART and launched “Learning Centre” – a customer connect initiative to meet them every month across the country.

TanuTanu Kaushik, Product Owner
“Learning Centre was envisioned to enrich communication with our customers and guide them about maximizing their performance on our platform. Over the last year, we have managed to connect with customers across our major markets, understand their learning needs, the challenges they face in everyday business, and their expectations from the platform. It

has not just been a training platform for them, but a learning tool for us as well. Learning Centre has helped us in sensing the pulse of the market, thereby, allowing us to build better products for our customers, build stronger relationships with them and grow together in this process.”

Starting from our Peeragarhi branch in Delhi, the initiative has now scaled up to 16 centers connecting with over 5000 sellers across India.

Through the sessions, the newly on-boarded sellers are provided with personal support and are helped to grow their business through education about the IndiaMART platform. The other important aspects of business with IndiaMART, such as BuyLead Consumption, Lead Manager and Pay with IndiaMART are explained elaborately in the sessions. Similar sessions are also conducted for the premium customers, in order to keep them updated with latest product updates.

The programme has not only helped our sellers but it has also helped the IndiaMART employees to hone their skills further, and come out as expert presenters. In the due course of the process they have garnered a comprehensive knowledge about the platform and the product. They have then instilled the knowledge acquired amongst their team members as well. This has helped the entire team to grow together.

Listen to what our Sales Leaders have to say about their experience at the Learning Centre.

Abhishek AnandAbhishek Anand, Regional Sales Manager
“Through this session, we actually found out the gap between what we deliver and what’s actually being utilized by our sellers. Moreover, sellers got a platform to hear success stories of other suppliers present in the session and understood that low ROI in 90% case is due to low engagement on IndiaMART. Overall I

benefited on a personal level, my confidence in our services grew by ten times, especially when every session ended with numerous compliments from customers about IndiaMART.”

AkashJinny Ashok Achtani, Zonal Manager
“Many a time, the partners who have garnered comprehensive knowledge about the platform, went back and imparted their knowledge to other clients of IndiaMART and hence created a great network effect for our brand.”

Knowing how a product is being perceived by our sellers is extremely important for every product manager, although it’s not easy to get this feedback. Here, the Learning Centre came as a robust opportunity for IndiaMART Product Managers to understand the seller’s thought-process, to explain their products better and to learn the changes that must be brought in to increase customer satisfaction.

We asked one of our product managers to share his experience at the Learning Centre. Here’s what he has to say!

AkashAkashdeep Goldy, Product Manager
“Visiting Learning Center, and conversing with the sellers to clarify all their doubts, is one of the most enriching activities that I have experienced. It bridges the gap between the customers and IndiaMART. After the Learning Centre sessions, I have received calls and messages from sellers who expressed how the session

has helped them. I still have contacts with many whom I have met in the various sessions.”

With one year gone by and many more years to come, we hope that we will continue to keep our partners happy and hitched while helping them bolster their business in the most effective way possible.