BD Mahajan and Sons

We have largely benefited after connecting with IndiaMART. We get about 5-6 queries everyday, out of which 3-4 positively get converted into business deals.

Mr. Rakesh Mahajan, (Director)
B.D Mahajan and Sons Pvt. Ltd
Meerut, 20th June, 2014

B.D Mahajan and Sons Pvt. Ltd.: Taking Business to the Next Level

Entrepreneurship does not come easy for everyone. It involves years of sacrifice and hard-work to reach where Rakesh Mahajan, Director, B.D Mahajan and Sons Pvt. Ltd. has reached today. “Our company started in 1986. In 1967 we started a partnership. We were three brothers who used to work day and night for this. We would work even on Sundays when school was closed. Slowly and steadily, we expanded our area of work and today, we have taken it to such a successful height that people know us by our name, B.D Mahajan and Sons Pvt. Ltd.,” says Mr. Mahajan.

Expanding Business Opportunities
In his strive towards expansion, Mr. Mahajan gradually introduced products into his business. “In 1972, we started to diversify our product range, and started selling cricket balls. In 1978, we added soft leather goods and gradually all cricket related accessories to our business. Today, we specialize in such goods and are popularly known as ‘House of Cricket’. Some people even call us the trendsetters of India in the cricket world,” he says.

Catered to the Champions
Having supplied equipments to popular cricket players of the nation, Mr Mahajan boasts of his elite customers. “When Virat Kohli started playing at the age of 13, he came to our factory to shop. In fact, when he won the award for World Cup Champion for ‘under 19’ category, he had used the B.D.M. (B.D. Mahajan) bat. When Virendra Sehwag started playing, he too bought from us. Rahul Dravid also started his career with B.D.M. goods and even today, he plays with our equipments. Today every player, senior or junior, whether playing national or international matches, is aware of our brand and must have played using our equipments. They know what B.D.M. is all about.”

IndiaMART Achiever
“Presently, the world is internet driven, and we receive a lot of queries through it from IndiaMART. Since we joined IndiaMART, we have been seeing a substantial increase in the number of customers, both from small business category and large business category. We have largely benefited after connecting with them. We get about 5-6 queries everyday, out of which 3-4 positively get turned into business deals. Another benefit with IndiaMART is that it completely slashes off credit payments and instead we are provided advance payments, which works in our favour,” confides Mr. Mahajan.