Power Plus India

IndiaMART worked diligently for our website and supported us so much that we reached the heights of success.

Mr. Dixit Shah (Proprietor)
Power Plus India Ent
Ahmedabad, 23rd May, 2014

Power Plus India’s Sky High Success

A small beginning with a set up that could support sale of very few products, Power Plus India has come a long way to make a name in the Indian security systems market. “We manufacture security systems and trade it all over India. When we started our business, we just had 5-6 products and today we manufacture more than 20 different types of products and that too in excellent quality,” says Mr. Dixit Shah, Managing Director, Power Plus India.

Quality for Masses
He shares the reason behind designing an affordable quality product for people, “Power Guard Alpha Plus Soft product Safety Systems is one of the most popular products from our brand. We manufactured this product and placed it in the market so that any common man or a rich man could keep themselves and their belongings under safe protection.”

Initial Days
During their initial days, Mr. Shah faced many hurdles in establishing his business. He shares “When we started our business, our product was new, the concept was also new. We had not yet thought about how we were going to introduce it in the market and sell it to the people. We faced a lot of problems,” he, tells the story of his start-up days.

Being an IndiaMART Achiever
Talking about his association with IndiAMART and why he chose the online B2B marketplace as his marketing platform, he says “An employee from IndiaMART came to our office. When we interacted with him, he told us that if you want to become a high-profile business, just have faith in IndiaMART and the potential it has to take your business to another height. We will take you right there where you aim to stand. IndiaMART worked diligently for the website and supported us so much that we reached the high-profile level.”

Future Growth
“India has no such place left where we or our branch hasn’t touched. We have reached every nook and corner,” shares Mr. Shah.