V H Polymers

IndiaMART.com has introduced better ways for me to ensure customer retention and practice good relationship management.

Mr. Alok Shah (Manager)
V H Polymers
Maharashtra, 28th September 2011

Vh Polymers Gains Distinct Advantage with Indiamart.com

VH Polymers, a company manufacturing industrial rubber items as well as teflon products was commenced by Mr. Alok Shah, Manager, VH Polymers in 1982 with an initial capital of less than Rs 10 lakh. The company offers a range of products in the moulded and extruded rubber and teflon components category. The company’s offerings find use in industries like sugar, engineering, chemical, textile and maintenance through replacement parts for earthmovers, conveyors, compressors, valves, etc. There is definite scope for the company in the cement industry.

Drive for Excellence
The company has two production facilities, which are located in Mumbai and employs a workforce of 15–20 people that have enabled it to earn a turnover of around Rs. 80 to 90 lakh. On its way to this exponential growth, VH Polymers faced several critical challenges relating to competition, quality and pricing. The company faces tough competition for industrial items in the regions of Baroda and Gujarat. To differentiate itself amongst other players in the market, VH Polymers has maintained and provided the best possible quality to customers. To Mr. Shah, the satisfaction expressed by customers they have served is the best compliment they have received so far.

Areas for Value Addition
VH Polymers is one of those companies that believe in the potential of traditional business tools such as the Yellow Pages. However, with intent to stay up to the times, the company got onboard with IndiaMART.com approximately 4 to 5 years ago. Mr. Shah was introduced to IndiaMART.com through a friend. He opined, “Internet has become a very important tool and an integral platform for our business. I am thankful to my friend who introduced me to IndiaMART.com. Our main objective is providing satisfaction to customers. IndiaMART.com, through advertisements, helps me achieve my business objectives. IndiaMART.com provides me with new business enquiries everyday, making it convenient to follow up and very profitable for me. I am getting more business, exposure as well as a chance to export,” he said. Between 5% and 10% of the company’s business is in exports, which commenced two years ago.

The Discerning Factor
Mr. Shah commented that IndiaMART.com is helping him make his firm stronger in both ways, i.e. receiving new enquiries as well as new business opportunities. He believed that IndiaMART.com must help other businesses as well and strongly recommended it to other businessmen. He added, “If you want your business to grow, it would be a good choice to join IndiaMART.com. They will get you good business. IndiaMART.com has introduced better ways for me to ensure customer retention and practice good relationship management.” With a business growth of 25% over the last three years, Mr. Shah believes that IndiaMART.com contributed between 30% and 35% to this growth.