Mehta Tubes is the ideal platform for lead generation. They also help in customer retention and relationship management.

Mr. Mukesh Mehta (Director)
Mehta Tubes Ltd.
Maharashtra, 17th August 2011


The journey for Mehta Group of Industries began in 1984 with the establishment of a trading company, Mukesh Tube Industries. After a year, the manufacturing company, Mukesh Metal Industries Pvt Ltd was started by Mr. Mangilal Mehta with a borrowing of Rs. 30 lakh from his partners. The group then gradually started adding more ventures regularly. Mehta Tubes Ltd, Brass Copper and Alloy India Ltd, Metal Gems and Met India were consecutive additions, all located near Daman and part of Mehta Group of Industries. The group’s offerings range from copper strips and brass bars for OEMs, to copper tubes and copper rods for ACR companies. The group’s total production of copper and copper alloys is now 1,300 tons. Once worth less than Rs. 30 lakh, the group’s present value is Rs. 500 crore. Started by a team of 3–4 people, it has now grown to employ 800 people.

Overseas Opportunities
The group started exports in 1995, but it really started to pick up only in the last 5 years. Now, exports comprise 10–15% of the group’s turnover and are expected to touch 25% in the next two years. Since the group exports select products which are manufactured by few others, competition is less. However, Chinese products are being seen as a growing threat, along with the substitution of copper with aluminum and plastic. Yet, the group is considered a prominent player in copper. “Our customers rely on our prompt delivery and volume business,” pointed out Mr. Mukesh Mehta, Director, Mehta Tubes Ltd. The group has received Export Excellence awards for the last three consecutive years and has a 1A rating from CRISIL.

Potent Facilitator
Mr. Mehta pointed out, “When I joined, we were already doing exports. But I started using the internet and posted pictures of our tubes and pipes on it. I also got a website made through some company, but it didn’t help. Around that time someone from approached us for making a website and marketing our products online. So we took a chance and gave them the order.” Then on, they started getting many enquiries from all over the world. Mr. Mehta added, “Our association with has been good. They keep us updated on what is happening on the internet, what are the best mediums of marketing and what tools need to be used. They support us by giving the best possible deal on their new launches. Today, it is not possible to reach the world by travel or phone. So internet marketing is the best bet and has helped us a lot there.”

Summing Up
Recommending to budding entrepreneurs, Mr. Mehta asserted, “ is the ideal platform for lead generation. They also help in customer retention and relationship management. constantly comes up with new products and also provides training to our staff. They train us to trade by leads. I can involve my staff and we can all be in tune with the enquiries posted on on a day-to-day basis. So, it is a good B2B portal. I hope we can benefit from their support in the future as well.”