Virtual Bazaar

HT magazine,
From the recreated rusticity of Crafts Museum to handicraft indiamart , our traditional handicrafts arewebsavvy really going places. And if there is anything you have always wanted to know about our tradition of block-printed fabrics, or paper mache, or bone inlays, or anything else that catches your fancy, your search should stop at this information powerhouse.

But the man behind handicraft indiamart feels it is more than an information provider. As Dinesh Agarwal, Director Intermesh Systems (Delhi), puts it, handicraft indiamart com “has become a virtual marketplace that acts as an interface between importers, exporters, manufacturers and even consumers of handicraft goods.” The site is content heavy, but the rest of the aesthetically designed web-pages more than make up for the unattractive home-page. And, thankfully, it doesn’t present any mind-boggling connectivity problems,webpage may be because, it intelligently combines text with pictures. What needs to be watched, though, is how successfully it shapes up as a handicraft bazaar.

HandicraftsThe other big feature of handicraft indiamart is that each section, arranged according to the crafts has a directory of everyone who is someone in the trade which makes it a comprehensive guide for those who make their millions buying and selling handicrafts. It is definitely worth a visit.

With handicraft indiamart, our artisans are finally going places