“We will never move to an app-only model”: Dinesh Gulati, IndiaMART


475_bigWith an aim to grow the company 10 times by 2020, Dinesh Gulati, director, IndiaMART, is a restless man. Currently a discovery platform with 2.5 crore products, ranging from a pin to big machines, IndiaMART was founded in 1996. The platform has seen a sea change and now boasts of having 1.9 million suppliers and almost 1.5 crore unique monthly visitors (buyers). The B2B platform claims to generate eight million tracked business enquiries each month with a GMV (gross merchandise value) of $ 4-5 billion.
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IndiaMART emphasizes on the key growth drivers for MSMEs at the Emerging Business Forum, Pune

Mega Pune Meet calls for a slew of initiatives in current MSME ecosystem
SMBs emphasize on key growth drivers at IndiaMART Emerging Business Forum

Pune, September 19, 2015:

Ease of doing business, streamlining and simplifying the processes and better adoption of technology were the key highlights of IndiaMART’s Emerging Business Forum.

IndiaMART, India’s largest online marketplace connecting buyers and suppliers organized a discussion forum for the MSMEs at Hotel Hyatt, Pune. The forum under the key theme, “The Growth Path for MSMEs” dwelled upon the opportunities and challenges facing the sector. The participating SMEs discussed the key aspects which will boost the sector’s growth. The necessary regulatory reforms that will ensure ease of doing business in India for the MSMEs were among the key issues taken up.
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IndiaMART Achieves 100,000 Premium Customers Milestone

Sets target of Rs 2,000-crore revenue by 2020
Special focus on catering to Big Brands’ sourcing and selling requirements

New Delhi, September 23, 2015: Riding on customer delight through need-sensitive, customised and innovative initiatives, IndiaMART — India’s largest Online Market place connecting buyers and suppliers — has accomplished 1 lakh premium customers on its online platform.

IndiaMART’s journey to the milestone achievement has been steady, often challenging, yet momentous. From April 2006, with about 10,000 premium customers online, the journey to 50,000 till April 2014 was painstaking, what with economic slowdown and inflation dogging businesses.
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IndiaMART eyes Rs 2k-cr revenue

Online marketplace IndiaMART aims to garner revenues to the tune of Rs 2,000 crore by 2020 as it brings more small and medium business as well as larger merchants on its platform. The company, which claims to have 15,00,000 suppliers on its platform, also said it had hit a milestone of 100,000 premium customers.

The Economic Times (Hindi)


The Financial Express

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Karcher Cleaning Systems- Penetrating the Indian Market Through IndiaMART

“The buyers actually show interest in the product, and these are genuinely hot enquiries.”

Mr .Ruediger Schroeder, Managing Director- India,
Karcher Cleaning Systems
Delhi NCR 24th Sep 2015

About the Company

Karcher is a German Company that has established itself as the world’s largest producer of cleaning equipment and has been operating in India since last 20 years. The company has a worldwide presence and is known for its high-pressure cleaners and window vacuum cleaners. It has pioneered the cleaning equipment technology and employees a mammoth, 10,000 people worldwide.

Association with IndiaMART

Ruediger Schroeder, Managing Director-India, Karcher Cleaning Systems says that when the company thought of expanding its marketing activities, it came into contact with IndiaMART.

Within the first year of their association with the marketplace, Karcher received several valuable enquiries, and went on to convert a major chunk of these enquiries into confirmed orders. Owing to the brilliant response, the company upgraded their operational activities to the next level.

“We received as many as 1200 enquiries in the last year through IndiaMART and the quality of these enquiries has been extremely good”, says Mr. Schroeder. He adds, “The buyers actually show interest in the product, and these are genuinely hot enquiries.”

Considering the fact that Karcher is a sales driven organisation, their aim is to have more and more customers on board. Mr. Schroeder says that India is a huge country, which presents them with ample opportunities to grow. In that regard, IndiaMART is an ideal tool for them, as it helps them to get in touch with customers across every corner of the country.

Innasoft’s Aquall is an e-commerce platform to bring aqua farmers online

Your Story

Ramaraju Lakkamraju is the co-founder of CEO of Hyderabad based Innasoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He started the company with his brother, Suribabu, and their team has built websites and mobile apps for a host of businesses across India. Growing up in Andhra Pradesh on the eastern coast of India, their family has been into aqua farming and so when Uppalapati Naresh approached them with the idea around the subject, they didn’t think twice to take it up.
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IndiaMART eyes Rs 2,000 crore revenue by 2020

The Economic Times

NEW DELHI: IndiaMART, an online marketplace for small and medium enterprises, is aiming to generate Rs 2,000 crore in revenue by 2020, a top executive has said.

Dinesh Agarwal, founder and CEO at IndiaMART, said the company plans to generate revenue worth Rs 1,000 crore from the SME business, the space in which it currently operates, and another Rs 1,000 crore from its new initiative, called ‘Big Buyer-Big Supplier’, under which IndiaMART is approaching big companies to use its platform for purchase or supply of goods.
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After consumers, it’s online buying for enterprises

Financial Express

After hundreds of e-commerce companies catering to individual buyers opened up in India in the last five years, the firms are looking at the business-to-business (B2B) online commerce space. While companies like Paytm and Shopclues which still get most of their revenue — as high as 90% — from their consumer driven business, they expect a faster growth in B2B business.

The B2B business mainly caters to the millions of small and medium businesses which can reduce cost and build scale with the help of the internet. According to market estimates, the B2B online commerce space is expected to grow 2.5 times by 2020 to $700-$750 million. And will eventually follow the global trend — the B2B e-commerce business is valued at $1.7 trillion — twice as big as the B2C e-commerce business.
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Five Reasons Why You Should Switch to LED Lights

India is moving from Incandescent and CFL lights to LED lights. Energy efficiency, environment friendliness and low maintenance costs have been a key driver for this change. The government policies and schemes are also leading the entire movement.
LEDs are light emitting diodes, small electronic devices that produce more illumination at a lower wattage than incandescent or CFL lights.  The initial cost of an LED bulb is typically more expensive than alternate technologies, but with government subsidies of price discounts and their long credibility, they end up becoming a profitable solution. Here are few reasons why LEDs are a better option:-


1) LED end up saving more due to their energy efficiency:

LED Bulbs consume 1/10th of the power of incandescent lamps and half as much as CFLs to provide the equivalent amount of electricity. At a cost of Rs 6 per KWh LED Bulb will operationally cost 36 paisa for 10 hours of usage against Rs 3.60 for Incandescent and 84 paisa for CFL.  For 50,000 hours of operation, one LED bulb would save over Rs. 16,000 as compared to an Incandescent and Rs. 2,600 over CFL. Scale this by the number of bulbs your facility has and the benefits would be evident. The equivalent used in the calculation here is 6 Watts Led Bulb against 14 Watts CFL and 60 Watts Incandescent which provide nearly the same lamination.

LED ligths

2) LEDs last longer:

LED lights can easily survive 50,000 hours of operation.  So if used for 3 to four hours a day, they can run for 25 years without any maintenance or replacement costs. Even by the end of their 50,000th hour of operation, LED lights will continue to produce an estimated 70% luminescence as their maximum rating, thus, it becomes an extremely economical decision for both segments- Customers & Business entities as compared with the incandescent lighting system that needs replacement in every 2,000 hours of use. However, a bad driver and heat sink can drastically reduce the lifetime of an LED bulb.  So warranty is an important aspect to be considered when buying an LED bulb.

3) Eco Friendly and Reduce Carbon Emission:

Unlike CFL lights, LED lights do not contain mercury which is harmful to the environment.  Also reduced electricity consumption translates to reduction in carbon emission, which is becoming critical for companies and government. For example, the recent replacement of all bulbs in South Block of Indian Parliament with LEDs which will lead to a saving of 7,000 units every month as a result.

4) LEDs Improve Appearances:

The quality of light produced by LEDs over traditional incandescent fixtures can improve the ambient illumination of your home or office space. As a matter of fact, the spectrum of traditional lamps shifts its frequency with time, casting unseemly shadows and even unwanted colors. Whereas, LED bulbs spread light wider in the spectrum than their fluorescent counterparts, giving a more even distribution of light and making a facility seem more naturally, aesthetically lit. A key part of assessing its intensity is luminous flux of the LED light source. Lumens is a measure of the brightness of the LED source. More the lumens per watt, the better the LED Bulb is. LED bulbs are available in various color temperatures: Cool Daylight (White) to Warm White (yellow). Choosing the right one based on the mood to be set in the room is important.

5) Government Initiatives:

A lot of government initiatives have been taken to incentivize individuals and businesses to adopt LED lights. In this regard, Delhi is the first city to implement the domestic efficient lighting program called ‘Prakash Path’. Under this program, each registered consumer of power will get two LED bulbs for Rs. 10 (their actual cost varies from Rs. 350 to Rs. 600) and Rs 10 will be added to their electricity bill for the next 12 months. However as mentioned above the savings generated due to lower power consumption of LED lights would end up being more beneficial. Similar to Delhi, Andhra Pradesh government has decided to distribute 72.46 lakh 9W LED bulbs to domestic consumers at Rs.10 per bulb. Another recent breakthrough is the latest development in Indian government, where it will replace all street lights in the country with led bulbs in the next two years.

The reason why government is incentivizing LED lights is to bring down the net load of the discoms.  This reduction makes more power available with the discoms which can be used for supply in commercial and industrial establishments, thereby, resulting in relatively higher revenue.  Also, when there is steep rise in power demand (majorly after day time), it would help in peak power reduction.  Hence, discoms would save on power cost which they have to buy from power exchanges during peak hours.

To get started on the project of revamping your lighting system with LED lights, IndiaMART provides you a list of suppliers in your area that can help you with your lighting needs. IndiaMART has multiple suppliers to choose from across hundred plus LED light categories like LED Downlights, LED TubeLight, LED Office Light and others. So choose the categories depending on your lighting needs and get in touch with the suppliers to start reaping the benefits of LED technology. plans to enter overseas markets

The Hindu Business Line

MUMBAI, SEPTEMBER 11:Online B2B marketplace is looking at more than tripling its Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) to ₹1 lakh crore in the next 3-5 years, banking on an expected growth in industrial segments.

The Noida-based firm is also looking to foray beyond the Indian shores, mainly into non-English speaking countries.
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