Villabh Saree Centre

Its been three years with They have helped my website appear at third or fourth position on the first page. This helps generate 3-4 enquiries on daily basis.

Mr. Lalit Jain (Owner)
Vallabh Saree Center
New Delhi, 17th January, 2014

Vallabh Saree Center Drapes Success Story

The desi ensemble has always stood out as an elegant wear, be it the six yard long saree or traditional suits. The vibrant colours attract shoppers from all corners of the country and even abroad. The Indian markets are full of such shops that have been involved in this business from generations, making it a fiercely competitive market.

Surprisingly, a company that started only a decade ago won loyal customers with ease owing to their unmatched rates. “One of my customers from Ludhiana came to me and shared that our rates were far more reasonable than the market. He brought a product that was expensive by more than 3-4%. Today, he has become a permanent customer.”

Meet Mr. Lalit Jain, Owner of Vallabh Saree Center. “I belong to Ludhiana, Punjab and came to Delhi to start my venture Vallabh Saree Center about ten years ago. This is our family business and we are in the wholesale business of sarees, lehenga, boutique suits etc.,” says he. There are around 15 people working for the company.

As is the nature of this business, Mr. Jain faced immense pressure from his competitors. “Apart from competition, marketing also posed a problem and we found it difficult to sell our products. But gradually, people started liking our products. This was also because we never compromised on quality,” says Mr. Jain.

Positive Attitude
What was peculiar to the competition that Mr. Jain faced was that around 10 to 15 competitors were situated around his establishment. He says, “What helped us compete with them was the fact that our products were cheaper by 1-2% and at the same time our quality was better too.”

Marketing with Personal Touch
For Mr. Jain, maintaining good relation with vendors and clients is crucial for any business. “I personally meet shopkeepers which helps us in marketing and benefits our business. We also have a website which helped me connect with my customers,” shares Mr. Jain.

Elaborating on his marketing strategy, Mr. Jain says, “We have expanded our business with the help of the internet. We connect with the customers through the internet and if possible we meet them personally. We also have presence in trade fairs.”

IndiaMART Achiever – Building Relations Online
The internet marketing undertaken by Mr. Jain stemmed from his association with He found about through net. He says, “I called their representative to my shop and eversince I have been with them. Its been three years now. They have helped my website appear at third or fourth position on the first page.” This has helped Mr. Jain receive 3-4 enquiries on daily basis of which he is able to reply to 2-3 and forge partnership