Sai Products Graphiq Pvt Ltd

I was on the lookout of B2B solution provider for promoting my organisation and’s solution was interesting and different from what others were offering. It was user-friendly as well.

Mr. Yadav Chandna (Director)
Sai Products & Grafiq Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi, 22nd January, 2014

Sai Products & Graphiq Wears Mask of Success

Its not surprising for someone who does not settle for anything less than 100% to have maintained a CAGR of around 35%, considering the country went through different phases of recession, slowdown. “We still managed to grow, mainly because we are a very diversified portfolio consisting of masking, insulation, stickers, security labels etc. We are constantly developing new products and doing innovations,” says Mr. Yadav Chandna, Director, Sai Products & Graphiq Pvt. Ltd.

Based out of Noida, the company has 3 units – 1 in Noida, 1 in Greater Noida and 1 more in Roorkee. Talking about his initial days, Mr. Chandna says, “The journey was very small and humble and we started somewhere in 1997 when I was in service as the CEO of international trading organisation.”

Commitment to R&D
The journey for Mr. Chandna has been very challenging and interesting. “What has sustained us throughout, is the commitment to R&D. We are looking at new products and quality. We started with new product called masking. That was a very challenging and a new product within India, and not a single manufacturer in India who could make that product. That’s how we got the opportunity to make that product for the multinationals in the automobile sector,” says Mr. Chandna.

The challenge was not only to develop the product but prove themselves in the new market. “Having developed the product, we not only satisfied our clients needs but exceeded in it. Whereas they were not expecting productivity lets say X, we gave them productivity which was ten times better than their expectations.”

Being an early mover in this industry, Mr. Chandna finds competition not in
the domestic region but on foreign shores. He says, “We choose our competitors very well. We do not like to compete with Indian companies. We are very happy competing with large multinationals and corporate sector because they come up with very innovative products and its very interesting to meet similar products, copy them and execute them.”

Marketing through Internet
Most of the enquiries are generated through the internet and Mr. Chandna finds it to be a great tool for conducting business. “We actively follow up the enquiries through the internet. The use of various technologies like Skype and talking to the customers helps us in maturing the enquiries,” says Mr. Chandna.

IndiaMART Achiever
The association with IndiaMART started almost when had started. “I was on the lookout of B2B solution provider for promoting my organisation and solution which was interesting and different from what others were offering. It was user-friendly as well,” says Mr. Chandna.

Internet – Facilitating Growth
The kind of response Mr. Chandna got from international markets was beneficial. “All thanks to the site that had prepared for us and hosted. We got enquiries from Pakistan, Iran, Europe, Western Europe and other places. I have been very fortunate that whatever enquiries I got they were converted into business,” says Mr. Chandna.