Diabetik Foot Care India

IndiaMART.com has developed website for our products effectively. Their after sales service is also very good and they keep advising us to update our products and its content on the website to improve sales.

Mr. Elango Devy (Chief Executive)
Diabetik Foot Care India
Chennai, 26th April, 2013

Diabetik Foot Care India’s Sugar-Free Success

Around six percent of adults in India currently have diabetes and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), as India continues to prosper, between 2007 and 2025 the number of Indians with diabetes is expected to double, affecting more than 70 million people.

Providing some of the best instruments to various medical professionals Diabetik Foot Care India, entered the scene with diabetes instruments of international standard in 2005. “Diabetik Foot Care India started manufacturing medical equipments for diabetes instruments in 2005. We have international distributors in Australia, China, Denmark, Malaysia, Oman and Nigeria,” says Mr. Elango Devy, Chief Executive of the company.

Wide Range of Quality Products
The first step towards starting a venture is always the most difficult but Mr. Devy crossed every hurdle and today has a wide range of products to offer. “We are actually manufacturing 20 different products. We classify our products into 4 different range. We call them as blood circulation products, neuropathy products, foot care products and pain and wound care products.” shares Mr. Devy. He adds, “Our target customers are diabetologist, cardiologists, cardio- diabetes, neurologists, vasco surgeons and we have more than 20 products for the management of Diabetes.”

At Diabetik Foot Care, all the products are manufactured keeping in mind international standard and specifications. These products are sold in India and also in about 34 different countries in the world.

Certified Success
The immense growth that Diabetik Foot Care witnessed is due to the visionary leadership of Mr. Devy. Today, they are placed strategically in the market. “Presently we are doing about US$6 million business. We have started getting international standard for our equipments. To start with, we are now certified with ISO13485:2003 and are working on getting European certification as well,” says Mr. Devy

IndiaMART Achiever
A five year long association with IndiaMART.com helped Mr. Devy derive maximum advantage from its online services. “We started placing our products aggressively in web marketing and IndiaMART.com has been providing the best solutions for our products.”

He further adds, “They have developed websites for our products effectively and for reaching the international market and their after sales service is also very good. They keep advising us to update our products and its content on the website and also provides proper solutions which has helped us improve our sales.”