OPINION POLL-Do you think employees should have direct access to the CEO?

Times Ascent,

CEO & co-founder, Analytics Quotient

“A CEO should be approachable, a good listener and better communicator. Employees need to see their ideas shape the growth of the organisation and feel that their everyday contribution is creating a greater value.There is no better person than the CEO who can communicate this ‘big picture’and that is why it is important for employees to have access to the CEO.”

CEO, Prayag Polymers

“If the company is big, then there should be a common forum or regular interactive sessions on a monthly or quarterly basis. However, for small and medium organisations, one can approach the CEO through mails or direct interaction. It builds greater trust, purchase intent and brand loyalty.”

COO, IndiaMART.com

“Direct access to the higher management makes employees feel empowered and brings out the best in them.This also reaffirms employees’belief in the company, its culture and values.They feel encouraged to come up with their suggestions/ideas, which could be used to improve the company’s processes into better ones.”


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