This 20 Year Old Ecommerce Company Is Perfect For The Young-At-Heart

B2B businesses were usually deemed to be dull and boring, and one seldom hears much about their offices or work culture. IndiaMart however is different. This 20 year old marketplace for suppliers, manufacturers and exporters believes in being a “people first” company. Their fun and colourful office and an employee-centric perks system represents that philosophy well.

The ecommerce company has over 1000 employees, across departments like product, tech, development and operations who work out of this Noida office.

IndiaMART office

The company organises various fun activities throughout the year to keep the employees happy and engaged.

IndiaMART office1

The employees get subsidized lunch, and free snacks are available round the clock.

IndiaMART office2

The walls in the company are done up with fun graffiti and doodles, belying the age of the company.

IndiaMART office3

The superhero wall murals represent the superhero employees of the company.

IndiaMART office4

IndiaMART office5

The company houses various hobby clubs around dance, music, photography and athletics.

IndiaMART office6

The employees get free shuttles till the nearest metro stop and discounted cab rides to their homes.

IndiaMart may not be a young startup anymore, but happening it sure is.

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