Celebrating Mother’s Day at IndiaMART!

“For all you do…you do with love, You are so special…a gift from above,
And with all my heart…I want to say, I love you Mother…every day!”

As the world celebrated the most unconditional bond of love on the 10th May this year, IndiaMART went an extra mile to prove its admiration to all the mothers of the world.
“Love cannot be explained in words…Love can only be expressed in gestures…”

Hell-bent to celebrate this spirit of utmost joy and love, to evoke a sense of higher gratitude for the guardian angels of our lives, IndiaMART took this opportunity to instill a feeling of care into our hearts and introduced a Selfie with Mom – “MOMfie” contest for the employees of IndiaMART. A special greeting card was designed exclusively and distributed to all the IndiaMART employees to write a special message for their Mothers.

Mother's Day Celebration at IndiaMART
Mother’s Day ‘MOMfie’ Contest Poster

As soon as the contest was launched, employees started participating enthusiastically in the selfie contest, and soon MOMfies started flooding the in-boxes. Well, the MOMfie fever had caught on!

With lovely messages and Thank you notes, funky pictures and loads of love… the IndiMART employees tried to make the day very special for their Mothers. Here are a few entries:
IndiaMART participation for Selfie contest collage

The fever didn’t stop within the premises of IndiaMART, the contest went online on Social Media.
Check out a few of our Social Media entries:
Mother's day social media selfie
The overwhelming response on Social Media too, was absolutely delightful!
Well, all of us feel so many things for our mothers, but caught in our day to day lives, we tend to take her for granted. With this initiative, IndiaMART motivated people to take out a few moments and think about these beautiful ladies in their lives. The gesture was so strong that people wrote their heart out and expressed their love. A Digital tribute to the Mothers of the Digital era…IndiaMART tried to make this day as selfless as the Mothers themselves are and planned a customised gift voucher to honor the Mothers of the winners.

The amount of love, affection and perseverance a mother displays towards her child cannot be thanked in a single day…it needs to be protected, preserved and cherished for a lifetime…make your mother feel special everyday not because she needs it…..because she Deserves it!