Krish Engineering “Makes in India”

Its (IndiaMART’s) style of promotion is unparalleled and incomparable. I believe I am here today because of IndiaMART.

Hardik Karadani, Managing Director,
Krish Engineering
Ahmedabad, 19th January, 2015

The Make in India campaign has inspired many a entrepreneurs to gain an insight as well as to mark an entry into the global market. One of such astute entrepreneurs is Mr. Hardik Karadani, the Managing Director of his venture, Krish Engineering who crossed all obstructions in his way to be where he stands today.

From working for a rich & famed company to owning one
A mechanical engineer by profession, Mr. Karadani started his career with a job in a popular Multinational company. “I worked as a production engineer for about 12 years and then I started my own company, Krish Engineering, around two years ago,” he said.

Just when life couldn’t get better, the young techie realised it was time to put the pieces of his dream company together, and begin building it.

“While working at the Multinational firm, I was handling lot of stress, even though the salary was good. This was the situation 2.5 years ago, when I thought of starting a company with just five lakh rupees.” From a mere  five lakh rupees to a stunning 2 crore turnover, Mr. Karadani made his way to success through tremendous hard work and struggle.

Support of workers and family
“I give all due credits to my skillful workers who have helped us grow. Along with this, I had the support of my father and brother. By combining all these factors, I have reached a stage of comfort and now I am confident that I shall reach where I had aimed to, from the beginning.”

Implementing ‘Make in India’
Mr. Karadani shared that during his tenure with the MNC, a lot of material was being imported from foreign countries. Finding a simple answer to this problem, he started manufacturing these indigenously, within his company. “Today, I am manufacturing all these goods, that were once being imported for our company. I like the concept of making on my own than importing from foreign soil. This helps in the growth of my country’s economy, and the concept of ‘Make in India’ also gets fulfilled,” he shares.

Confidence to Grow – With IndiaMART
Krish Engineering is not an MNC. Not yet. But  Mr. Karadani’s belief in his work is bound to get him there someday. “I have never had a name or a brand value, but I am confident that I can deliver better than many other big names” he shares while talking about the promise his company holds. “What is the one thing we should do to get more work and  clients? There are many portal based business agencies in India. But IndiaMART’s style of promotion is unparallel and incomparable. I believe I am here today because of them (IndiaMART),” he further adds.