Gorantla Geosynthetics Pvt Ltd

We have generated some good business through IndiaMART.com. For example, we got a very big project for reservoir though them. This is what makes us continue with them.

Mr. Praveen Kumar G (Director)
Gorantla Geosynthetics Pvt. Ltd.
Chennai, 14th February, 2014

Gorantla Geosynthetic Pvt. Ltd. Hits Bull’s Eye

An MBA degree from Australia and an experience of heading the marketing operations of a company gave shape to Mr. Praveen Kumar G’s plans of becoming an entrepreneur. Today, he is the Director of Gorantla Geosynthetics Pvt. Ltd. What happened in between is what Mr. Kumar is here to share about.

In a short stint of 8 years, Gorantla may be passed off as a newcomer by more established firms, but that’s the mistake that its competitors should avoid.

“Our company is into supply and installation of geosynthetic products. This company was started in the year 2006. We are mainly into infrastructure related projects like roads, railways, municipal and hazardous waste management like landfills, golf course and sea walls etc.” shares Mr. Kumar.

Speed-Breaker in Growth
Client trust is important but the same trust became a thorn in the success for Mr. Kumar when he realised he had credit issues. He says, “The last two years have been very challenging for us. We usually give credit on trust but in the last few years we have stopped lending credit to the infrastructure companies because there were a lot of defaults and we never got our payment on time. Even though there was a scope of supply we did not scale up our business due to credit terms.”

Marketing Mantra, Good Work & Internet
There are many channels through which Gorantla has been marketing its products – trade shows participation and B2B portal like IndiaMART from where they keep getting lot of leads. “Apart from this our good work speaks. If we do wonderful projects and satisfy our clients, it also speaks as we get referred to several other places,” says Mr. Kumar.

IndiaMART Achiever – Clinching Deals on Internet
“We have been a member for the past 8-9 years of IndiaMART.com and they helps us generate leads. Overall our experience with IndiaMART.com is good and whatever leads we have generated, we have generated some good business through IndiaMART.com. For example, we have generated a very big project for reservoir though IndiaMART.com. This is what makes us continue to be with them,” confides Mr. Kumar.

Business Growth
Anticipating good times ahead, Mr. Kumar has a positive outlook for his business even though last few years have been challenging for him. He says, ‘Maintaining the same level of turnover has been a challenging task but we feel that in coming years we will have very good growth.”

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