Welding Aids

After joining IndiaMART, our business increased and we became more strong in conducting our business on the internet.

Mr. Harinder Singh Sethi (Partner)
Welding Aids
New Delhi, 12th December, 2013

Welding Aids Makes the Right Noise
India is considered as one of the growing markets for welding products. This industry hugely depends on the growth of the fabrication industries, which consist of automobile, construction equipment, transport, power and other core industrial sectors. The ripple effect generated from these industries have thrown up opportunities for many companies, one of which is Welding Aids.

Know the Owners
Meet the owners of one of the most renowned names in the market who have been providing welding equipments for the past 25 years. “Hi, my name is Mr. Harinder Singh Sethi. My Partner Mr. Rana and I head Welding Aids and we deal in all kinds of welding materials, machines etc.”

As a company that offers most reliable durable machines, Welding Aids is regarded as one of the most trusted welding solution providers. “Besides this, we offer quality after sales service to our customers. We are the distributors for Milon Electricals from USA. We are one of the biggest brands in welding machines. We are also the distributors for brands in China.”

Customers are Kings in Every Business
Having been in the industry for the past 25 years, Mr. Rana’s biggest challenge today is to reduce the production cost for his customers. “To address this, we introduced power saving inverters, welding machines, flux cored wires, automations, cutting machines etc. for our customers,” says Mr. Singh.

Internet & Marketing Go Hand in Hand
The company’s decision makers took the modern route to market their business and invested their faith in the internet. It is playing a major role in increasing the company’s visibility among the target audience. In contrast to this, Mr. Singh did not let go of the traditional medium and greatly believes in making noise through exhibitions, demonstrations and references. He shares “Our biggest support has been word of mouth publicity and continues to be till date.

The role of Internet is only going to get bigger in the coming years. “We use internet and other high-tech technology to increase our sales. Internet has a very big role in marketing.What I think is that in the coming years, the share of Internet marketing will increase by more than 80 per cent.”

IndiaMART Achiever – A strong believer in Internet
The company’s association with IndiaMART started 8-10 years ago. After setting up the base with IndiaMART, they started receiving good response from prospective clients. “After joining IndiaMART, our business increased and we became more strong in the field of Internet business.”