Quality Engineers

IndiaMART.com is the best B2B portal through which one can contact a number of customers. They have supported us in our business endeavour by helping us reach out to many customers.

Mr. Naresh Patel (Owner)
Quality Engineers
Ahmedabad, 5th September, 2013

Quality Engineers: Constructing Relationship with Clients

If one wants to know the secret of ‘getting it right’ in the first few years of starting a venture, they should look at Quality Engineers. The success story has been carefully written by the company’s creator Mr. Naresh Kumar Somabhai Patel who wrote the first page of the story in 2007 when the company came into existence.

“We started as a small unit in 2007 and in 2008, we adopted modern technology to propel our business forward. Our company manufactures road and building construction machinery. In 2008, we exported our first plant to Afghanistan, post which we sent it to Latin America, Yemen, Algeria and Kenya,” he says.

Bankable Marketing Policy
Success found its way to Quality Engineers not before Mr. Patel ironed out all the obstacles that were present along the way. He gives all the credit to his personnel. “Every business has challenges. Our business too had its share of challenges – in production, purchasing, marketing, labour but our qualified and experienced staff ensured great support which helped us overcome these problems. Our marketing policy is also very simple – ‘We don’t do business, we build relationships’. Because of this policy, we have witnessed good growth over the years.” he says.

A major achievement came their way in 2010, when Mr. Patel established his own factory. He shares, “Before this, we had our factory on rent. Because of our quality, we started getting good response from the market. The quality of our plants were so good that the demand for it continued to increase and so our exports increased. Today, we have more than 160 plants being exported to many regions outside India and more than 50 plants across the country.”

Internet as Business Friend
While focusing on creating a strong foundation for his company, Mr. Patel found a great friend in the internet medium. “Its the best medium to connect with customers. We get customers’ requirement really fast and we are able to respond to them quickly too. We are also able to share images and drawings of our products based on their requirement through internet which helps them in taking informed decision. I would say the internet is helping us grow,” he says.

IndiaMART Achiever
What also helped them reach out to customers beyond their limited knowledge of the online medium was their association with IndiaMART.com. “It is the best B2B portal through which one can contact a number of customers. They have supported us immensely in our business endeavour. Because of them we have reached out to many customers and did good business. So IndiaMART.com has helped our business grow.”

Anticipating a Great Future for Internet
“Internet is a great medium for businesses. It has proved to be a source of satisfaction for both my customers and me. In the coming days, its reach is bound to increase further and will positively impact every business,” concludes Mr. Patel.