Suryagarh Announced Winner of ET NOW-IndiaMART Leader of Tomorrow Award in Travel & Hospitality Category

  • Appreciation bestowed by the Chief Guest Mr. Anand Sharma and Guest of Honour Sunil Bharti Mittal

Suryagarh Winner
Mr. Manvendra Singh Shekawat, Managing Director, Suryagarh shares space with Chief Guest Mr. Anand Sharma & Guest of Honour Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal
New Delhi, 25th January, 2013: When you achieve what you desire, you are filled with a sense of gratification; and that is what Mr. Manvendra Singh Shekawat, Managing Director, Suryagarh felt while receiving ET-NOW IndiaMART Leader of Tomorrow Award 2012 for Travel & Hospitality category recently. Honoured for entrepreneurial excellence, Mr. Shekhawat received the award from the Chief Guest Mr. Anand Sharma and Guest of Honour Sunil Bharti Mittal.

Applauding Suryagarh’s win, Mr. Dinesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO,, said, “I extend my heartiest congratulations to Suryagarh on the win. Mr. Shekhawat’s journey exemplifies that sky is not the limit for those who set out to conquer their dream with sincerity. It is very inspiring to see young people winning these awards and creating opportunities for themselves.”

Sharing his moment of glory, Mr. Shekhawat, said,“I just dream and it is my team that realizes my dreams. This award celebrates their efforts and of those who believe in Suryagarh. It is my good fortune to represent them and their achievements at this prestigious forum.Our endeavor at Suryagarh is to celebrate Jaisalmer and showcase its cultural heritage and immense beauty to the discerning travellers of world. Through a symbiotic relation with the local community and by using indigenous knowledge of the land we showcase not only Suryagarh but the city of Jaisalmer. I am humbled yet proud to have won this award and see this as an opportunity to present in good measure Jaisalmer its due recognition”

When a young Manvendra Singh Shekhawat was handed over his father’s dream project, his vision was to change the perception of Jaisalmer as a destination by showcasing unseen facets of the region and its culture and to put Jaisalmer on the luxury map of the world. Suryagarh in Jaisalmer , is a residential boutique hotel inspired by cultural heritage. Redefining contemporary luxury, it offers its target market, the millennial’s and bohemian nomads, the luxury of Space and Time through unique experiences of Food and Beverage, Spa and Adventure excursions. Suryagarh has created a self re-enforcing “ecosystem” that encompasses the clients, employees, vendors, community and the planet. The entire ecosystem is configured for a holistic preservation of the local ethos through sustainable engagements with each of its stakeholders. Clients are exposed to unqiue experiences that are a juxtaposition of the modern with the medieval. Workforce creativity is enhanced by doing away with SOPs, Vendors interests are aligned through the cash on delivery models, Local art and culture is preserved zealously and the biggest rain water harvesting structure in the state is built to conserve the most precious resource in the region. The impact is evident from the fact that Suryagarh has opened a completely new , previously non-existent, market segment in Jaisalmer. Before Suryagarh, the industry was operating at a of $80 – $100 per room night, which now has changed to a $300 to $1000 per room night mark. It’s business is profitable within 2 years of commercial operations.