Google and Microsoft compete for Indian market share,

MUMBAI: Two of the world’s largest technology giants, Google and Microsoft are in a constant tussle to sell their “cloud services” and maintain their respective market shares in the Indian market which is expected to grow to $15-18 billion by 2020, according to a news report in Times of India.

According to the report in Times of India both the companies were previously considered to be in indirect competition with each other as their products and services differed, however recent years have seen them offering products which seem to be quite similar.

Although it is untimely to forecast business gains and potentials for both the companies, it is evident that the war of words has already begun.

Whilst Google boasts of providing cloud services and catering to Indian Youth Congress, IndiaMart and Flipkart, Microsoft narrates its successes with brands such as Essar, Sporting Mindz and Idhasoft.

Like many similar emerging economies, Indian companies are experimenting heavily with online storage and cloud services, however analysts believe, new market offerings in coming years on cheaper prices, might result in challenges pertaining to redundancy of different software and hardware devices.