Sona Sales Agencies people are always there to suggest how the new online tool is going to help your business.

Mr. Manish Sugandh (Owner)
Sona Sales Agencies
New Delhi, 12th March 2012

Glorious Run to Success

Inheriting a legacy, Sona Sales Agencies, from his father was a huge responsibility for Manish Sugandh. But he decided to take the fast lane to success. His impatience paid off as today the company has acquired a strong position in the market. “This is a traditional business family that my grandfather started which was inherited by my father and and then by me,” says Mr. Sugandh, the owner. “We are particularly into construction equipments, focusing on concrete vibrators and now I have introduced new range of machinery – rebar bending machine, rebar cutting machine, vibrator machine etc.,” adds Mr. Sugandh.

His growth is defined by a secure and self-assured attitude that does not leave any room for competition. “It is a struggle within yourself to become so confident to make the world bow in front of you. There is no competition for me. I am playing the role of a wholesaler in India. I sell in bulk quantities. In fact, all my competitors are my customers. I sell my machines to my competitors. So, the more competitors I have, the more number of clients I’ll get,” says Mr. Sugandh. Apart from being busy running the company, Mr. Sugandh is also actively involved in the company’s marketing activities which also includes promoting the company online. “I market my business on my own and ofcourse with the help of internet tools like it’s really comfortable to play a good role into this competitive world.” He further adds, “I joined 8 years ago. You can better judge how you can utilize If you can utilise in the best way you are there on the top position. people are always there to suggest how the new tool is going to help you.”

Internet has become a ‘must have’ for small businesses and for them to derive full advantage of this medium, know-how of the technology is most essential. For this, Mr. Sugandh found the support in “This is a 3G world and you have to have people like to make you very confident on internet to promote your products. Such a tool is going to help you out in the future because future is internet and marketing will be done on internet,” concludes Mr. Sugandh.