Akar Impex Private Limited

IndiaMART.com made sure that projection of our company’s real strengths has gone to the customers.

Mr. Taral Vaidya (Director)
Akar Impex Private Limited
Noida, 4th January 2012

Road to Success

It has been more than two decades since Akar Impex (P) Ltd. came into being but the focus and determination to be the best is as strong as ever. Its name is taken amongst the leading companies providing water and waste water treatment solutions. The company has progressed from being a beginner in the field to one of the well-known enterprises in the industry. This was possible with a forward looking approach of the company’s Director Mr. Taral Vaidya. “I am a mechanical engineer by qualification and we manufacture water and waste water treatment plant,” says Mr. Vaidya by way of introduction.

Initial days for Mr. Vaidya were hard fought as there were various challenges that were blocking their road to the top. But, Mr. Vaidya did not let it deter him from keeping his mind focused on his goal. “We have added to our strengths in terms of manufacturing, on site services, after sales services, tried to build up new projects with the limited staff strength. So challenge has been basically to evolve ourselves.” shares Mr. Vaidya. Like any other company, the beginning was slow with a focus to solve set of challenges and shortcomings within the company which included manpower, technical know how and market presence but they overcome these hurdles with panache.

Factors that contributed to the challenge were turned into company’s strengths but not before they had worked towards achieving it. “We have got two strengths which define our working process – the first is manpower and other one being the ability to come up with innovative solutions,” proudly shares Mr. Vaidya. The company also has a well-defined marketing strategy which can be termed as the third pillar of the company on which it stands firm. “Having hands on approach basically helps us, you will not find any of our marketing personnel with no idea how an equipment is manufactured,” adds Mr. Vaidya. Marketing personnel who are well acquainted with the products and their operations adds to the repute of the company and this has been well identified by Mr. Vaidya.

Shifting the focus on varied clientele, Mr. Vaidya says, “The textile industry is one of the major clients for us, apart from that hotel industry is a very big client for us and we also specialise in residential complexes.” Looking to fly even higher, Mr. Vaidya associated himself with IndiaMART.com. “IndiaMART.com made sure that projection of our company’s real strengths has gone to the customers,” says Mr. Vaidya.

Talking about his future plans, Mr. Vaidya says, “The future for us is developing more and more such innovative solutions, try to see that cost is brought down in such a way that efficiency is not compromised, and at the same time, develop something which a customer is able to save space with and make sure that effluent quality is such he can use it for recycling and at the same time, try to make a product that lasts for a long long time.”