Market Insight Consultants

We look at as our partner in growth, essentially because we reach out to a new set of clients through them.

Mr. Sanjay Nagi (Proprietor)
Market Insight Consultants
Noida, 28th December 2011

Market Insight Consultants Gains Foothold in the Market

Every company has a story to tell and Market Insight Consultants is no different but what distinguishes it from others is its interesting journey that began in 2002. Coming out from the blocks of an engineer’s mind, the company saw the light of day when Mr. Sanjay Nagi, Proprietor of the company decided to put his plan into action. He shares, “We started Market Insight Consultant on 6th June, 2002 and are positioned as a decision support consultancy so essentially we help our clients to take decisions about their business.” Today, it is established as one of the leading names in decision support system and specialises in social and market research, offering market planning services and strategic market planning diverse service basket.

Obstacles on way to the top makes success even more special and Mr. Nagi acknowledges this fact. Encountering challenges in different stages of business made him more determined to realise what he had set out to achieve. “There are numerous challenges which entrepreneur has to face or a business has to face in different stages of the business and the first challenge we had was to essentially to get known to set of people that known to global customers then get in the right resources, that time laptop was not so cheap so it was difficult to get the resources but its still a challenge to get accepted as a small medium firm to the foreign biggies.”

One of the early adopters of cloud computing, Mr. Nagi has reaped positives by investing in the new age technology and been appreciated for it too. “One of the compliments we got from the vendor was that they had seen very few small companies investing into cloud like we had. We did it and gained benefits out of it. I would definitely encourage young entrepreneurs to adopt the cloud for their computing needs,” says Mr. Nagi.

Being a small company, Market Insight Consultants is more aware of technological changes being introduced in the market thanks to its owner’s visionary leadership. Mr. Nagi decided to explore services of online B2B marketplace as early as 2005, just three years into their existence. He chose over others. “This relationship has been on with IndiaMART from 2005 onwards, and we are now invested in premier listing. We look at as our partner in growth, essentially because we reach out to a new set of clients through them.” says Mr. Nagi