Ace Heat Tech has a good team that is very hardworking and also result-oriented. Customer retention and follow-ups are up to me, but helps me generate new business.

Mr. Dinesh Kotian (Partner)
Ace Heat Tech
Maharashtra, 2nd November 2011

Ace Heat Tech Realises Its Export Potential With

Ace Heat Tech, an industrial heating elements company was started in the year 1999 by two partners, Mr. Moti Hassanandani and Mr. Dinesh Kotian. The company specialises in industrial infrared heaters and industrial temperature controllers. The owners pride themselves on their global presence in the form of their association with Elsetine Work, located in Germany. Their associate specialises in ceramic infrared heater manufacturing. This affiliation has thrived since 2000 and is helping Ace Heat Tech carry out highly voluminous business. What commenced with a capital of around Rs. 10,000 and three people—the two partners and an executive—conducting door-to-door marketing, has grown to a Rs. 8 crore plus company with a workforce of more than 25 people.

The Road to Success
The company with a 9,000 sq ft-production facility offers 90% of its products to the plastic industry. Medical and the chemical industry are the next prominent markets for the company for its ceramic infrared heaters and other conventional heaters. But the road to success wasn’t always clear of obstacles. There was much competition in the niche area. “We faced a stiff challenge of pricing. There were a few quality heaters available in the market, but the association with our German counterpart cleared this obstacle. I got an advice from one of my old customers-do a good job so that people can remember you; this has helped us in the long run,” asserted Mr. Dinesh Kotian, Partner, Ace Heat Tech. The company is now known for its timely delivery schedules.

Wide Presence
When the company first started operating, the partners would go door-to- door to promote their products. “We used to meet customers individually. We started advertisements in leading industrial product journals later. But we felt that our presence on the internet is very important,” said Mr. Kotian. That’s where came in. Mr. Kotian opines that an enthused sales executive visited the company in 2004 and informed them regarding the type of work had been doing in promoting similar products. They started with a small contract which grew more comprehensive with resulting success. Mr. Kotian added, “Parallel to, I started business with other leading portals also. But their quality of enquiries, speed and genuineness are better compared to the others. We participated in lots of exhibitions in Nairobi, Dubai and Sri Lanka and found them involved in most. That’s a good thing.”

Partner in Success
Mr. Kotian advised, “I would like to say to budding entrepreneurs that is like a marketing executive—they have the most modern tools. They have a good team that is very hardworking and also result-oriented. Customer retention and follow-ups are up to me, but helps me generate new business. They have a very strong back-up team. has enabled our presence globally in regions like North America. We have executed some orders in Mexico. Thanks!” Ace Heat Tech has been successfully exporting to countries like South America, Africa, the Gulf, as well as Asian nations such as Bangladesh and Thailand since 2003.