Sabin Enterprises has good management, and personnel that are well-familiar with IT and keeping information up-to-date. Our advice to anybody who is looking for sourcing is to consider marketing with

Mr. Sasidharan Govindan (CEO)
Sabin Enterprises
Maharashtra, 14th September 2011


Sabin Enterprises was started in Mumbai in 1993, with the intent of exporting medium level concession machinery. Mrs. Bindu Sasidharan is the proprietor of the company, while her spouse, Mr. Sasidharan Govindan, CEO, Sabin Enterprises, has played a dominant role in developing their operating markets for better business. Back when they started, the company did not have any manufacturing facilities and their staff capacity stood at around five people. However, increased study of the trends in the concessionary machinery market enabled them to effectively tap booming markets for their main offerings and related equipment. With considerable prior experience, Mr. Govindan enjoyed favourable support from buyers. He also had the advantage of being savvy with the terms of payments, marketing and business communications in the field.

Eventually, they started manufacturing in a small way and set up a production unit in Coimbatore, around 6 kms from the city. Sabin Enterprises has manufactured machinery for eight years and is exporting them since 1998. The company that had commenced with a turnover of around Rs 10 million at that time now earns about Rs. 50 million in the export markets. Sensing wide potential in exports, the company has almost fully turned to export marketing. It now enjoys a prominent presence in markets like western and eastern Africa—Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda as well as markets like Ghana, Nigeria, among many others.

Marketing Challenges
Understandably, an exporting company faces the challenge of reaching overseas target markets. Since the company’s offerings were not consumer items but machinery, they faced problems with reaching new buyers every time. “It is not a regular market, so our job is very challenging. Whenever we need to make a sale, we have to look out and source a new buyer,”
explained Mr. Govindan. For this activity, they relied on internet, and mainly B2B websites. “Internet is definitely a potential marketing tool provided you update regularly. Quick communication is required to develop the market well,” he mulled.

A Pertinent Solution
Sabin Enterprises learned about around 5–6 years ago through advertisements and email promotions. The company was then approach by for internet marketing and online marketing. Sabin Enterprises took on a gamble when getting onboard with, but stands to gain today. Mr. Govindan says that he is thoroughly satisfied with’s service in this duration. “Many people have complimented me saying that they have seen many websites, but ours works particularly well. Some people have even pointed out that when they search Google, our name appears on the top of the list. Secondly, I am impressed with the fast communication. When I get an enquiry, I can revert within 5–10 minutes with all the necessary details,” he said.

Spreading the Word
Mr. Govindan believes that is working very well for his company. “ has good management, and personnel that are well-familiar with IT and keeping information up-to-date. They are playing a great role in supporting us by getting enquires on the right materials and machinery. Our advice to anybody who is looking for sourcing is to consider marketing with Their marketing strategy is very good and they are doing quite well.” Mr. Govindan advises young entrepreneurs to fully unlock the potential of global marketing through the web expertise of