The BIG Award – Nominations for August 2000

The Big Award,

Extensive directory of links for Indian businesses, trade and finance,tourism, and travel agents.
Treasure trove of information and research material on the Indus Valley civilization and the Indian subcontinent prior to 1947. Features photographs, lithographs, video clips, interviews, and audio tracks.Provides lists of books, museums, and films pertaining to Harappa. Also has links to other Indus Valley-related websites and exhibitions. Includes an online store that sells replicas of ancient pottery, seals, figures,engravings, and lithographs.
Compendious educational resource for students in India. Features study modules for different school subjects and preparatory programs for competitive examinations, accompanied with practice tests and solved papers.Includes information on various schools in India, organizations, and educational opportunities abroad. Also contains sections on career and school boards.
Guide to pregnancy and child care. Provides articles on fertility, child development, parenting, women’s health, common diseases, and interactive sessions with specialists. Includes stories from the Mahabharata and the Panchatantra.
Organization in Calcutta, India, in the business of providing consultancy and new media and internet solutions to the corporate sector.

The winner to be announced shortly!