Clinton-gaatha at

25 March, 2000:, the Indian news site by, is offering an interesting section ‘As Clinton sees India’ that offers coverage of Clinton’s Indian visit online. In addition to boisterously entertaining cartoons that interestingly depict the highlights of his visit, the section also hosts other interesting stories on the President.

Besides, the site conducts daily polls on relevant issues related to Clinton’s visit and Indo-US relations. An extension to the section- ‘As Clinton sees Pakistan’ will soon be added to the site that will discuss serious issues relating to Indo-Pak and Indo-US, as affected by Clinton’s tour to the countries., that acts as a one-stop-site for news from major Indian dailies, also offers interactive discussion boards that allow visitors to the site to share their views with others on the Net. People can leave their messages on the online board for others to read and respond, and the discussion can carry on in the form of a chain. Some people have termed Clinton as the Messiah for India, while others have discussed the effect of his visit to India including the Kashmir problem in these virtual discussions. “Clinton’s visit is a good sign for India and he is also seems happy with India and support s BJP’s attitude towards Pakistan,” says Sejal Patel, a visitor to the IndiaMART discussion board. The website thus offers an Interesting mix of serious affairs and happenings and the light-hearted humor relating to the Clinton phenomenon in the country.

“The Clinton effect is prominently visible throughout country. The common man is enjoying the festivity attached to President Clinton’s visit on one hand, and is discussing about the international level consequences of his visit with high degree of interest on the other. We have only tried to create a virtual community that can enjoy easy access to news and information and can share views relating to the issue.”says Mr Dinesh Agarwal, Director,, the largest Indian business Portal, has been covering mega-events like the Financial Budget 2000, the 13th Lok Sabha Elections and Cricket World Cup’99 online that have catered to both Indian and Non resident Netizens.