’s online gift ordering system featured on Diwali

Zee News,

Zee News Reader: Internet now enables you to send sweets! On a festive occasion, who does not wish to meet ones family and friends? However, due to today’s busy schedule this is not always possible. But now you may send sweets to your family even from a distant location.

Chandrani Roy (Zee News): Dussera has just passed and Diwali is fast approaching. But many a times, we are able to wish our dear ones merely over the phone. Now, a website named shopping indiamart com is available on the Net. Through this site, NRIs can send sweets to their relatives and friends in India.

Amit Gundh ( Our distributor had gone to deliver our first order in Delhi. This order was from some Jasmine Gupta from New Jersey who had ordered sweets for her mother in Delhi. It was actually a great feeling …when she received the pack she had tears in her eyes. Now that’s what keeps us going. The concept will really catch up online.

Chandrani Roy: You simply need to choose a gift pack, make payment online through credit card, and a fresh pack of chosen sweets will be delivered at the doorsteps of your friends or relatives. This way, even from a distant place you can feel close to your dear ones.