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PC World,


PC WorldLooking for an exporter or importer or a dealer of Indian goods? It could be pottery, brass, batik, paintings or anything else. Here’s a site where you search might find a successful conclusion. It contains a searchable database of over 60,000 companies. Listed here are manufacturers, exporters, importers, service providers, hotels, tour operators, etc. No its not just a drab database. There’s loads of useful stuff packed in here. Market watch encapsulates particulars of BSE and NSE indices, mutual funds, etc. import and export deals with the exim policy, importing and exporting form India , incentives and schemes, and so on similarly, sections on investment in India and taxation are useful databanks of information. The search , by keyword or category, is powerful as well as simple to use. A well endowed page on handicrafts recounts the history, materials used, making, etc. of the different specimens. From the Phulkari of punjab to Kashmiri kaaleen to lac bangles from Ferozabad , it wraps up the gamut. The news bulletin here has inks to all major newspapers, and also incorporates travel and tourism details. A site with beauty, brawn and brains.

Finance IndiaMART

One of those “stocky” guys whose day begins by reading the stocks page. This Indian finance and investment guide comprises various segments. Market watch embodies BSE and NSE, mutual funds, commodity prices, etc. Taxation deals with administration and procedures, corporate, sales, income and capital gains taxes. Investment provides an insight on banking, foreign direct investments, and investing in India, among others. The import and export section delves into the Exim policies, exporting from India, importing to India, etc. Very informative articles on taxable incomes, income tax rates, procedure for assessments, and the like are a mouse click away. A tidy site, marred only by a few typos which finance lovers can easily turn a blind eye to.

Handicraft Indiamart

pcwmay99handiAn aesthetically designed site on Indian handicrafts which covers almost all of them. From handmade paper to floor paintings to Kashmiri carpets to pottery- you’ll find it all here. The site is searchable but you can also view listings in sections like Indian exporters and manufacturers, Indian importers and porters and suppliers to India, and foreign importers and buyers of Indian products. From handicraft history to materials to processes to products this site covers it all. Some of the sections here include cane and bamboo, coir , gems, glass, ivory, jute, leather, metalware, and paper mache etc. A site definitely worth a visit.