Socio-Economic Development

1.RISE COVID-19 Relief Fund for Migrant Communities

Rural and Urban Innovative Social Entrepreneurship (‘RISE’) had established a fund called as “RISE COVID-19 Relief Fund for Migrant Communities” which is independently managed by RISE through contributions by Corporates, individuals, and Volunteers with an objective to help migrants in distress by providing cash support or material/ ration support.

IndiaMART made valuable contributions to the above fund which supported 1000+ individuals who have lost their employment/livelihoods due to COVID-19. The fund acted as livelihood support for the beneficiaries, a one-time aid to support individuals for initiating their own livelihood activities and restarting their small-scale business and operations.

2. COVID-19 Emergency Rehabilitation program

As a result of COVID-19 pandemic migrant workers have faced multiple hardships. With factories and workplaces shut down due to the lockdown imposed in the country, millions of migrant workers had to deal with the loss of income, food shortages and uncertainty about their future. Due to the lockdown thousands of migrant workers and their families went hungry and were forced to walk to their hometown, with no means of transport.

IndiaMART felt the need to support the migrant and daily wage workers who were stuck at the industrial areas of Delhi, UP and Haryana, especially the areas which were most effected (red zone) by COVID-19. Through our NGO Partner SAHYOG we provided monetary support to them, for their rehabilitation and meeting day to day expense, alongwith providing proper information on hand washing, sanitation and awareness on COVID-19.