Fun At Work

It’s Never A Dull Day At IndiaMART


“A family that stays together, grows together!”
IndiaMART takes this opportunity to congratulate all the employees who have been with us in every step of our journey!
With you by our side, we’re certain that no milestone is unachievable.
This one’s for the family! Cheers!
#YehMeriFamilyHai #IamIndiaMART

Boot Camps

IndiaMART boot camps have become synonymous with fun. Activities that promote in-house talent and spruce up our energy levels are what bootcamps are all about. We make sure that for all the sweat and effort you put in building IndiaMART, you get more reasons to celebrate.

IndiaMART Cricket League

We all have a Sachin or a Kohli hidden in us, at least we all have that hidden desire to score it like them. ICL, our very own IndiaMART Cricket League is a high action series that is organized every year between departments. The ICL brings out the budding cricketer in you and also acts as your claim to fame. Our sports promotion initiative has also been lauded by the legendary cricketar, Kapil Dev who is also the Founder of Khushii.

Festival Celebrations

Being a secular organization, IndiaMART celebrates all the festivals with equal fanfare. Right from rangoli competitions to best decorated bays, from patriotic poetry competition to dance performances, we make sure festivals are celebrated with equal zeal at our workplace.

Birthday Bash

We make your ‘Special Day’ even more special by letting you know how important you are. Group cake cutting along with Birthday wishes at the workplace makes it a day to be cherished forever.

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