Education & Skill Development

We at IndiaMART believe in the philosophy of transforming businesses and lives through our constant efforts toward empowering societies. With a mission to achieve long-term socio-economic development of the communities, we focus our CSR initiatives on programs that bring sustainable change in the education and skill development sector.

Providing Educational support and infrastructural facilities to Schools & Colleges

  • Covered remote tribal areas of Male Mahadeshwara Hills (MM Hills)
  • Impacted more than 3k children across 24 Schools and 19 Kindergartens with help of HEAC
  • Provided basic amenities like notebooks, metal desks, benches, desktops, etc.
  • Provided them with Solar Back-up Facilities, Projectors, Tripods with screens, Educational CDs and other incidental equipment, installations, etc.
  • Organized personal development and training programs
  • Provided 38 scholarships
  • Provided infrastructural aid to Sadat Inter College established in 1937
  • Renovated the school in the rural area of Uttar Pradesh
  • Positively impacted more than 500 students across 9th to 12th grade

Supporting Government schools’ students to improve their foundational learning and numeracy skills:

  • Recognized the importance of parents’ role in education
  • Partnered with Saajha to create a one-tech solution to empower parents
  • Integrated call and WhatsApp-based support to support parents to track and improve their kids’ learning
  • Created a customized and personalized support system
  • More than 74k parents were supported who improved their kids’ learning
  • Initiated tracking of daily progress of learning with help of Shally Education Foundation
  • Assessment sheets were developed to assess the foundational & numeracy skills of students
  • Practice sheets were developed to improve basic Arithmetic and English language skills
  • 2k+ arithmetic sheets and 1k+ English sheets were distributed under this initiative
  • Benefited 663 underprivileged students

Capacity Building of Teachers:

  • Initiated free online certification course– ‘Khan for Educators’ with help of Khan Academy
  • To upskill Govt. Schools’ teachers, the course was created in 4 languages – English, Hindi, Punjabi & Marathi
  • Empowered teachers with advanced pedagogical practices – Mastery-based learning & Differentiated learning
  • Built teachers’ capacity by integrating technology into classroom learning
  • More than 2k teachers across the nation benefited through the course

Development of Specialized skills for underprivileged children:

  • Developed Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (EMC) with help of Udhyam
  • Collaborated with State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Govt. of Delhi
  • Initiated Business Blasters project for underprivileged students studying in Delhi Govt. Schools
  • Seed amount is given to students to develop business ideas to solve social problems
  • 10 lakh+ students benefited and 14k+ high school teachers trained under this initiative
  • Initiated SMART (Skills for Market Training) program to address the skill gaps
  • Partnered with Tech Mahindra Foundation to skill unemployed and underprivileged youth
  • Skill Development planned for multiple courses – ITES/BPO, BFSI, CRS, Finance & Accounting
  • More than 300 candidates trained across Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai & Kolkata; 63% are females
  • Placement opportunities were extended
  • 1100 more candidates are planned to be supported under this program by FY24

Vidyagama Program

  • In partnership with HEAC, we participated in the Vidyagama project to support teachers who would go to villages of Karnataka to teach the children
  • This initiative was taken during the Pandemic to protect children from travelling to school which were far away from their villages.

Enhancement of Parental Involvement in Government Schools of Bhiwandi Nizampur City Municipal Corporation (BNCMC)

  • With help of our NGO partner Saajha, we partnered with Bhiwandi Nizampur City Municipal Corporate (BNCMC) to strengthen School Management Committees
  • Under this initiative, we covered 32 Marathi medium municipal schools of the BNCMC
  • The initiative focused on capacity building of SMCs and on resolving issues raised by them
  • It helped in improving quality of education, infrastructure, governance, and learning outcomes