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Exploring new markets vital for SMEs’ growth: IndiaMART Emerging Business Forum

Mumbai, November 25, 2016: The Mumbai Chapter of the 6th IndiaMART Emerging Business Forum 2016, held here on Nov 25, highlighted the possibility of growth of Indian SMEs in new markets by means of innovative technology and increasing visibility in…

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IndiaMART records 9000 pct rise in demand for card-swipe machines

Business Standard India’s largest online marketplace IndiaMART has witnessed a phenomenal rise in enquiries on technological instruments that enable cashless transactions. The machines facilitate acceptance of payment from customers by swiping of debit/credit/pre-paid cards. “Following demonetisation and resultant cash shortage…

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Chantani Ke Daur Mein Kar Rahein Bhartiyaan

Rajasthan Patrika

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How Dinesh Agarwal built the Alibaba of India

TechinAsia It was in 1996 that Dinesh Agarwal started to write the names and addresses of small businesses from his apartment in East Delhi. His wife and parents would help in the stamping and sealing of the thousands of envelopes…

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Indiamart is aiming for Rs 2,000 cr revenue by 2020. Here is how it wants to get there

Your Story There is a lot of respect when one aces an old business. Trading in commodities teaches one to be on the numbers all the time and success depends on having information about the market ahead of the competition….

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IndiaMART – E-Catalyst For SMEs

Dinesh Agarwal - IndiaMART | HBTI

Business India

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Fortune 40 Under 40 – The Classics List

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ऑनलाइन आढ़त का बेताज बादशाह

India Today अपने सहकर्मियों के बीच डीए के नाम से बुलाए जाते हैं इंडियामार्ट के संस्थापक और सीईओ 46 वर्षीय दिनेश अग्रवाल. नोएडा एक्सप्रेस वे पर नोएडा के सेक्टर 142 में एडवेंट-नेविस नाम की बहुमंजिला इमारत में तीन मंजिलों पर…

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Exclusive: The ‘been there, done that’ Man – Dinesh Agarwal

Business Insider Dinesh Agarwal

Business Insider He was in there much before e-commerce was the talk of the town and cash flowed like the Ganges. While they talk of profit in years, he talks in months. While they never saw much of a dotcom…

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Lakshya Par Ho Har Waqt Nazar

Dinesh Agarwal - Jagran Josh

Dainik Jagran In an exclusive interview with Dainik Jagran, CEO and Founder, Dinesh Agarwal walks us through his life story and the various challenges he faced in all these years. He further talks about his vision to create the IndiaMART…

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