Category: IndiaMART in News a 3D gallery of the virtual market

Data Quest, Online Shopping apan, with a population of 125 million people, boasts of 2302 shops on the web, out of which 20 percent deal in food and beverages. In addition to the large corporations, many small companies are also…

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India Gets A Virtual Mart

Data Quest, News Brief To commemorate 50 years of India’s independence, Delhi-based InterMESH Systems has launched Virtual IndiaMART. It is a web site that features 3D galleries, where Nirula’s, Usha Beltron, Ganapathi Exports, Seer Global, NDA Securities, Sohrab Group, Oswal…

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The Virtual Trading zone…

The Economics Times, The internet has redefined the market place. Click onto some usefull cybermarts and reach out to a world wide market.

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