IndiaMART InterMESH Limited Full Year and Fourth Quarter Ending March 31, 2024 – Results Press Release

Noida, India, April 30, 2024: IndiaMART InterMESH Limited (referred to as “IndiaMART” or the
“Company”), today announced its financial results for the full year and fourth quarter ending March 31,

Consolidated Financial Highlights (Q4 FY2024):
IndiaMART reported consolidated Revenue from Operations of Rs. 315 Crore as compared to Rs. 269
Crore in the corresponding quarter of last year, representing a growth of 17%. This includes IndiaMART
Standalone Revenue of Rs. 299 Crore and Busy Infotech Revenue of Rs 14 Crore, registering a growth
of 17% and 24% respectively on YoY basis.

Collections from Customer grew by 16% to Rs. 484 Crore for the quarter, primarily comprising of
Standalone Collections of Rs. 465 Crore and Busy Infotech Collections of Rs 18 Crore representing a
growth of 16% and 24% respectively.

Deferred Revenue as on March 31, 2024 increased to Rs. 1,440 Crore representing a YoY growth of
24%. This primarily includes IndiaMART Standalone Deferred Revenue of Rs. 1,395 Crore and Busy
Infotech Deferred Revenue of Rs. 43 Crore, registering a growth of 23% and 59% respectively on YoY

Net Profit for the quarter was Rs. 100 Crore representing margin of 25%. Cash Flow from Operations
for the quarter was Rs. 260 Crore. Cash and Investments balance stood at Rs. 2,340 Crore as on March
31, 2024.

Standalone Financial Highlights (Q4 FY2024):
Standalone Revenue from Operations increased to Rs. 299 Crore as compared to Rs. 256 Crore last
year representing a growth of 17%. The growth was primarily driven by 10% improvement in
realization from paying suppliers and 6% increase in number of paying suppliers.

Collections from Customer grew to Rs. 465 Crore for the quarter and Deferred Revenue as on March
31, 2024 increased to Rs. 1,395 Crore representing a YoY growth of 23%.

EBITDA for the quarter was at Rs. 90 Crore representing EBITDA margin of 30%. Net Profit for the
quarter was at Rs. 92 Crore representing margin of 27%.

Operational Highlights (Q4 FY2024):
IndiaMART registered Unique business enquiries of 24 million in Q4 FY24; representing a YoY growth
of 14%. Supplier Storefronts grew to 7.9 million, an increase of 5% YoY and paying suppliers grew to
214K representing net addition of 3K subscribers during the quarter.

Commenting on the performance, Mr. Dinesh Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer, said:

We have closed the financial year with a steady growth in revenue, deferred revenue, profits and cash
flows. Our focus remains on enabling more and more businesses to grow online by providing them a
great product and customer experience. On the back of strong cash flow from operations and continued
investments in further strengthening of our value proposition, we remain confident of sustained
profitable growth amidst rising internet adoption amongst businesses.

About IndiaMART:
IndiaMART is India’s largest online B2B marketplace for business products and services. IndiaMART
makes it easier to do business by connecting buyers and sellers across product categories and
geographies in India through business enablement solutions. IndiaMART provides ease and
convenience to the buyers by offering a wide assortment of products and a responsive seller base while
offering lead generation, lead management and payment solutions to its sellers.