IndiaMart’s #PassionBhiBusinessBhi brand film presents it as the perfect solution for all business problems

The film is an attempt by the company to recognise and solve the misery of the small business owners

B2B online marketplace, IndiaMart has unveiled its new brand video titled “#PassionBhiBusinessBhi” which is the third film of its “IndiaMart, Aur Kya!” campaign.

The “IndiaMart, Aur Kya!” campaign was launched in October 2022. The brand video attempts to address the challenges faced by small business owners, who lose the balance between their personal and professional lives while juggling each aspect of a business.

The video opens on a melodious note with Sharmaji, a business owner, playing the saxophone. Soon, another businessman, Rakeshji, his friend, calls him to consult on the proposition of joining IndiaMart.

Sharmaji gives a musical response to the same which is aimed at amusing the viewers.

The video explains that now business owners can pursue their passion and simultaneously lead a stress-free life, leaving their business concerns to IndiaMart – hence the title “Passion bhi, business bhi”!

At the germination stage, businesses run with limited manpower. Yet, nothing can afford to be compromised, be it order management, sales, marketing, invoicing, customer relationship management, or transportation of the finished products. While giving it all to the business, the business owners are left with nothing but sleepless nights. For many business owners, it may also mean sacrificing their passion and interests beyond their business goals. This is where IndiaMart comes into play, as a solution for work-life balance.

Dinesh Gulati, COO of IndiaMart, remarked, “We have witnessed over the years, small business owners face a variety of challenges while trying to establish and run their business. While meeting the demand of existing clients to onboarding the new ones, they get flustered! At IndiaMart, we have developed an ecosystem over the years to provide these small businesses with end-to-end business solutions at every stage of their journey. This film reflects on how IndiaMart has evolved and became the permanent partner of millions of business owners.”

“The offerings of IndiaMart are extensive. Covering all the aspects in a nutshell and that too in an entertaining manner was indeed a challenge. #PassionBhiBusinsessBhi effectively communicates both, the challenges faced by any business owner and the interrelation of the services of IndiaMart which eases the way of doing business,” said Akash Chatterjee, Creative Director, Schbang.

The brand film has also been released in four regional languages.

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