Indiamart plugin is now available on the ZOHO CRM at no extra cost

IndiaMART CRM users can now get their leads on their ZOHO CRM through this plugin without paying any extra charges

IndiaMART has launched its Official plugin at the ZOHO Marketplace for integrating IndiaMART’s Lead Manager with ZOHO CRM. The plugin integrates the data of all accessible leads on IndiaMART’s Lead Manager using IndiaMART’s CRM API v2. This Plugin along with the Lead Manager CRM API has been developed only to facilitate the Power Sellers who wish to follow up the IndiaMART Leads to convert into deals in their own way.

Now, the sellers of IndiaMART who use ZOHO CRM, and IndiaMART Lead Manager can get their IndiaMART leads on their ZOHO CRM through this plugin without paying any extra charges.

More than 5.5% of IndiaMART CRM-API active users use ZOHO CRM, and this free plugin will be helpful to all of them to have all their leads in one place. Talking about the USP, the company said, “Sellers need to pay a subscription amount for other plugins of CRM platforms that are on ZOHO Marketplace. IndiaMART provides the same without any cost.”

The plugin automatically updates new IndiaMART leads every two hours and provides the ability to manually fetch old leads up to the last 365 days, in chunks of 7 days) into your ZOHO CRM. It assists in the classification of IndiaMART leads into Buyleads, PNS calls, and direct inquiries, as well as the avoidance of duplicate records

“There are a few vendors who provide similar IndiaMART plugins on the ZOHO marketplace at an average cost of $3 per month which is being used by many businesses. The total installs across all those plugins are more than 1200. Therefore, to make business doing easy for our customers we developed our own official IndiaMART plugin at no extra cost. This will be useful to our power sellers who use Zoho CRM to consolidate all communications between salespeople and customers in one location, allowing them to make the most of interactions at any time. Also, IndiaMART’s official plugin will be the only one that also allows its users to retrieve old leads which were not available to date,” says Amarinder Singh Dhaliwal, Chief Product Officer, IndiaMART.

Some of the features of the IndiaMART plugin include are auto-updating leads from IndiaMART to Zoho CRM’s Leads module, updating all important fields from IndiaMART to Zoho CRM, allowing manual fetching of old leads helping in segregating IndiaMART leads and different enquiry types into buy leads, PNS calls, and direct enquiries, and prevents duplicate record creation.

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