Being in the business for 25 years takes a hell lot of hard work & determination. Little did the businesses get a clue of their own existence and journey. Therefore; its rightly said that business are meant for an infinite life period where you cannot predict what’s next.

Facing the business fluctuations; it’s tough to touch such a great position even though you are the leader in the segment.

The recent buzz is about the same. We have a 25 year celebration of the leading company; Indiamart that has established its name in a quite fulfilling manner.


The company is a major e-commerce company that gives B2C, B2B & sales service through its web sites & portals. It was incepted by Dinesh Agarwal & Brijesh Agarwal in the year 1996. The website is called that caters to the requirements of manufacturers & buyers.

The headquartered is in Noida. They had a total of Rs. 72.3 crore in the domain of 2019 fiscals which are currently 76% of the total traffic. The app has more than Rs. 1 crore downloads with a 4.7 app rating.

The company went public in the year 2019 and technically was the first business to business to enter the market. The issue was oversubscribed by 36 times. The revenue till December 2020 at Rs. 565 crore with an 11% year on year growth. The user base has also been doubled since the year 2018 and has reached the 100 million mark in the last year.

The funding details of the company up till now are:

2009Series A Rs. 50 crore
2016Series C
2018$ 88.24 million

The story started quite a lot years back; where the company managed to get its first 45 customers. A revenue of 6 lakh was achieved in the initial year.

But by the time 2000’s came into picture; the internet penetration started; the company took a boom. Expansion was the major focus and sky rocketing was the major motive.

Last year they had a revenue of Rs. 1crore 10 Lakh. From the 2008 financial crisis to 2020 covid ; it had witnessed all.

First Business To Business Marketplace to reach 100 million

66 million products
100k categories
6 million sellers listed

The founder showed his gratitude by a tweet stating that “Thank you our valued customers , team members and all stakeholders for making this journey a fulfilling one..”

Challenges definitely make life tough; but you cannot manage to excel unless you are ready to face the. Business has a simple mantra that comprises two basic objectives; one to survive  & other to be profitable.

Profits are the strategic advantage that you get while survival is a matter of concern because you cannot close the doors of competition.

Therefore; this 25 is very important as the 25 years of struggle that Indiamart chose to do was quite commendable. The journey ahead is going to be more fruitful & hopefully the next 25 would be more fascinating.

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